Hugs are one of the most comforting ways that people can express themselves. A hug works in any type of situation; Happy, Sad, Frustrated, Overjoyed and so on.

Since people tend to hug more frequent than it has been a decade before, it is important that everyone should know their potential meaning. The following list will help understand hugs better.

1.Hugs With Legs Wrapped Around The Waist.

This is one of the most intimate hugs. These types of hugs takes place in romantic situations and expressing such feelings towards your partner.

2.The ‘One Way’ hug.

Usually when your partner feels down, you can give your partner a ‘One Way’ hug. It comforts the person until they feel to share with you.

3.Eye to eye while hugging.

These types of hugs are very common with happy lovers and young couples. It’s when your eyes sparkles in each other’s’ while you hold your partner close to you.

4.The Buddy Hug.

This is one of the most common hugs in the world. It doesn’t have any romantic gesture to them. But it does give out a lot of amicable emotions.

5.The Back Hug.

This is another common romantic gesture where your partner lets you know their presence as a surprise.

6.Careless Hugs.

These are the spontaneous hugs that couples give each other out of nowhere. They burst out emotion and love they have for each other.

7.The Suffocated Hug.

These hugs provide great relief and a sense of safety when you feel that you’ve lost hope.

8.The Pampered Hugs.

They don’t usually mean anything romantic. But it is common among girls and boys who are stuck in the friend zone.

9.Less-Contact Hugs.

These are the type of hugs that people do for the sake of hugging.

10.World-Ending Hug.

This is one of the most comfortable and romantic hugs a couple can share as if it is the last hug on Earth.

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