Through a smile, you can change a whole mood and a day of a person. Not only their day but even your day gets brighter when you smile. Though it’s a very simple thing, it is very powerful and has a lot of positivity. Through one of his projects, Jat Weinstein had tested to know if this is true. So he had asked people to smile and had captured their photos, before telling them to smile also he had taken a photo of them. And through these pictures, you will also understand how powerful a smile is.More info: Instagram | Facebook |


image credits: boredpanda

A picture of a man who had been walking home along a lane with his friends in Nubra Vally, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

To Bored Panda, Jay had shared about his project. He had said that he loves this project because through it he can face his fear and go and talk to people whom he doesn’t know. And that he learns how wrong his assumptions are. And it reminds him that there are things people have in common.


image credits: boredpanda

A little girl from Nairobi, Kenya he spotted while going around seeing the shops and houses. The girl had been playing with her mother and had smiled when he asked her to.

He had been to many countries had captured pictures of people. In 2013 he had started the project and is still doing it, it’s been 7 years. He had said that he had spent a lot of time in India and that he leads groups of a few numbers of people. A lot of his images are from India and also he had taken the project to other countries like Nepal, Kenya, Singapore, and Australia. And he wishes to take his project to all the countries in the world.


image credits: boredpanda

A pretty girl from Kakhsar, Gujarat, India. She had been playing outside her house.

He had said that all the places he had visited were good and even the people had been really friendly. When he had approached to talk to them most of the people had talked to him. And had said that many had easily smiled when he asked them to and every moment was joyful. He had said that though there’s no message to convey through the project there’s a lot to say. You can check out his Instagram, where he shares a lot of his work.


image credits: boredpanda

This girl had been having a little chat with her friends and she’s from Turtuk village in Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir in India.


image credits: boredpanda

A man at his house in one afternoon. He’s from Muthatari, near Embu in the eastern province of Kenya. 


image credits: boredpanda

A little girl from Leh, Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir, India. She had been playing with her friends on the streets.


image credits: boredpanda

The man from Jorowar, Rajasthan, India had been in a line at a post office. He had been there by 7 am but the office opens at 11 am. There they change old 500 and 1000 rupee notes to newly printed notes.


image credits: boredpanda

The little boy had been playing around with her brothers after returning from school. He’s from Nirdoi a village at the banks of the Ganges river, West Bengal, India.


image credits: boredpanda

The boy had been playing with his family. He’s from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in India.


image credits: boredpanda

A lady who had been exploring the 1300-year-old Kaiyuan temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

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