As parents every one of you wants your child to have fun. So there are things that you but for your kids to play with. To keep them entertained is very important if you are a working parent. For them to play with you have to provide them good products. Here are some products that would help your kids to have fun during summer.

#1 Play-Doh pack with 8 rainbow colors


You might hesitate a little when buying as it could be a little messy if the kids are well guided. But through this, your kids would get a good chance to find their artistic talents and to have lots of fun. You can get this from Walmart for $4.94

#2 Color-In unicorn pajamas

Uncommon Goods

Normally kids are into unicorns as the animals are quite cool. It would be more fun for your kids if they have unicorn pajamas they could color. You might think that this would be a lot of laundry work but it’s not, the ink dries to the fabric when ironed and the colors won’t fade when washed. From Uncommon Goods, you can buy them for $38.00.

#3 Spinmaster kinetic sand kit


This is a fun way to keep your kids entertained. Through these, your kids can learn and have fun, so this might be perfect for your kids. For kids of age 3 and above this would be perfect. You can buy these from Kohl for $19.99.

#4 Sensory fidget toys set


For parents who have more than one small kid, this would be perfect as it’s about quantity than quality. These toys are even quite famous among moms. One mom had given a review on Amazon saying that even the box that these toys chrome in is cute. You can buy these from Amazon for $16.99.

#5 Little talk conversation card deck

Uncommon Goods

Though many don’t have these on their shopping list, these cards would be interesting for your kids. In summer you and your kids might get a good chance to talk about things interesting through this card deck. It would be fun and intriguing for you all. You can get these for $25.00 from Uncommon Goods.

#6 FUNAVO inflatable pool


You might have the thought of buying an inflatable pool for this summer. It would be nice to have one and enjoy it with your kids. This pool is very easy to set and the size is also good for both kids and adults. You can get one from Amazon for $79.99.

#7 Tiny Science

Barnes & Noble

This kit from Smartlab would be perfect for your kids. It would be fun for them to do different experiments using the pieces of equipment in the set. Try getting one from Barnes & Noble for $19.98.

#8 Jokari adjustable baggy rack


This is not a fun item but surely this would be very helpful for moms. This could be used to separate different food items or even medicines used. From Amazon, you can get these for $11.35.

#9 Unicorn sidewalk chalks

Uncommon Goods

This chalk was designed by Kate Liebrand from Philadelphia. She is a pre-school teacher who makes them at her home. These chalks would be fun to use. You can get one and help her small business. From Uncommon Goods, you can get them for $18.00.

#10 Bath stickers for tub


Through these, you can make your kid’s bath time a bit interesting. Like bath crayons, these bath stickers are also fun. You can be creative using these stickers. From  Walmart, you can get these for $15.98.

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