Sometimes it seems easier to love others than it does to love yourself, but self-acceptance is an important part of your life. Fortunately, with a little practice and patience, you can learn to love yourself better. Here are 10 ways to start loving yourself and be happy:

Let go of your negative beliefs.

The biggest thing that stops us from achieving our goals in life is fear, doubt and lack of self-belief. Those negative thoughts and beliefs in your head will discourage you. Therefore, you need to believe yourself and be confident that you can achieve anything in your life.

Focus on your positive attributes.

Focus on the good things about yourself and your life. You need to make an effort to notice the good things, especially when you are feeling worthless. Pay attention to the good things you have done each day.  Acknowledge your positive attributes and give yourself some credit.

Say no to perfectionism.

Perfectionism is about trying to control the outcome in order to receive love and acceptance. It’s all about fear. Surrender is about accepting where we are at any moment, knowing that we are a work in progress. You need to learn how to be successful in your life upon failures. Let others see you, exactly as you are.

Get rid of guilt.

Forgiving yourself makes you behave better. Thinking you’re a bad person makes you act worse.

You need to learn how to forgive yourself for all your past mistakes and let your mind repair the damage. Torturing yourself and carrying the guilt with you doesn’t make you a happier person.

Do the things that make you happy.

It’s your life and you get to choose what makes yourself happy. There are many things in life that make you happy. It could be something as simple as listening to your favorite songs or dancing to it.  If you can focus on what makes you happy and decide to do it, then your quality of life can improve naturally.

Celebrate and reward yourself.

You need little rewards in your life to keep yourself motivated. Treat yourself with a nice meal or pamper yourself with a message when you accomplish something.

Make some time for yourself.

You need to make time for yourself whenever possible. You can either schedule a treat for yourself once a month or you can buy some tickets in advance to watch a movie, concert or any other event you would enjoy.

Stop depending on others for validation.

Learning to trust your gut can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. you should stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking. If you are not stuck on doubt, insecurity or uncertainty, you will stop seeking the approval of others.

Remind yourself that you’re worth it.

You have always been doing the best you can and you are still doing the best you can. Therefore, always be gentle with yourself and remind that you are good enough. forget about what others might think of you, the only thing that matters is what you believe.

Set boundaries.

You have got to set firm boundaries with certain people in life, especially people who are trying to take advantage of your kindness. You need to set your boundaries, show others that you are worth respecting and not simply an object to be used to meet their needs.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball