Jessie Gallan who is 109 years old was officially the oldest woman in Scotland. The secret for her longevity is simply amazing. You never believe how simple it is!

Her recommendation for a long and healthy life is eating porridge for breakfast every day and the funniest part is avoiding men.

May most of people find is ridiculous but the truth is the secret to long life has been hiding in men this whole time. Sometimes people do criticise this statement, but according to Gallen,

“They are just more trouble than they are worth.”

As being strong independent woman in her whole life, she turned out to be hard worker when she was a teenager. When she was 13, she started living alone earning money by working hard, and most importantly she never depended on a man. Simply, She never got married!

Her secret for longevity may be funny and simple, but it is her own experience!

She lived healthily almost 109 years but sadly, she passed away in Scotland soon after giving the interview.

Watch the video of her last interview below: