There are human angels that feel untouched for who they are, and being obsessed by friends and relationships they do not deserve. Unfortunately, the world fails to recognize the purity in their soul because they take a women’s specialty for granted.

But women with these qualities are extraordinary and are truly unforgettable. Let’s toll the list down to see. Remind whether you are one of them or whether you’ve ever come across such a friend.

01. Kindness

Having a heart that melts is very special. Being kind is not easy it can bring so many consequences but the heartfelt kindness always end up with a mind filled joy. You are the most friendly, available and generous to anyone unconditionally. It doesn’t matter to you who will be there for you in return it’s all about how light you feel with kindness given away.

02. Independence

Many women would love to achieve this quality but only the special ones can master it. If you are being loved by someone it is out of doubt that this quality is in the number 1 in the scale. To own your-ness, a self-bounded uniqueness with a strength and fearlessness to sustain any consequence is independence and a must needed for a woman of the 21st century.

03. Selfless

You never come first to those special women with selflessness. An individual with this quality brightens ups a whole world. Rewarding anyone with no expectation even above your own well-being is a quality that not everyone can practice. Ladies, if you have this you are attractive a million doses.

04. Grace

Have you ever wondered why the women that are being talked about yet from history are? Because they became proficient at the powerful jewel a woman could have within. The grace and elegance. Those that can wear grace and elegance in style can bring themselves a class that personifies.

05. Passion

A quality that quantifies a worth to yourself. The enthusiasm a woman has towards work, making it a part of you, bringing meaning to what you do and giving it life is far more than just doing what you love. It is more of being what you love. This enthusiasm is adored by so many and loved by most.

06. Support

The spirit you have toward a relationship is disguised as support. The more you bring support to the bond the more it grows healthy. Support is also being there with all the energy solid. You do this even when you don’t agree entirely with them. They know they will have you know matter the penalties.

07. Insight

The 6th sense. The ability to know someone even better than they know themselves. This wisdom is being adored and loved by your family and friends.

08. Energy

You can magically bring smiles on crying faces. Bring light to dark souls. Be there with confidence to bring together a shattered heart. You are happy about fixing the broken and giving in all the energy you have to make it better for everyone. You do it with all your heart and you mean it. Beautiful!

09. Honesty

There are no maybes’ it is yes or not to you. Nothing to convince anyone or win hearts, straightforward explanations. You are honest and you will be blessed to have people who aren’t unreal for your honesty. It is not a weakness it is a plus point for you to retain good and avoid the toxic company.

10. Persistence

Adoring yourself for who you are and staying blessed and unchanged due to judgments by others. Being persistent of the person you are no matter how the world change according to weather. I don’t say you are a stone but you are a personality with a strong mindset that believes in yourself above anyone’s explanation.  Extra-ordinary self-love and confidence.

11. Love

The unconditional approach to them with pure love. We think people don’t see, we think people only see the fake. Let me be honest, yeah people see fake and attract towards fake love BUT only real love is felt, and when its felt it never leaves.  That is why people remember and value the love you give them.

So, are you one of them with these mind-blowing qualities, do you know someone with them? Are you being appreciated for the qualities?