Based on many personal experiences, people rate and justify love after a scar left. It either ends futile or superior one based on one’s judgment. Either way, it defining love has always been controversial.

Amidst these controversies, every human has found themselves in a relationship at a certain point and probably questioned: “how would I know if he loves me?” It is very normal, to have it as the very first instinct when you get into a relationship.

Here are 11 things to confirm your partner wouldn’t leave you:

01. He accepts your beauty with flaws

It is true that women try to cover their imperfections to look outstandingly gorgeous for attention. But this attention wouldn’t gain the right partner for the real you. Your partner should be able to see, you within. It is not wrong to cover up your imperfections, but you are not able to keep them covered for 24/7. This is only going to make you uncomfortable and tired, trying to look perfect for him.  Finding a man who would accept the flaws in your beauty is a rare catch. If he has seen your flawed beauty and still with you, he is a keeper.

02. He doesn’t give attention to weight gain

Understanding men have never been complicated as women. Based on a psychology today, several married men have complained that their wives were too embarrassed by their weight to have sexual intercourse with a light on while they cared less and find their wives attractive. A man who loves you dearly is not bothered by your weight gain unless it’s a matter of health issue. If he has shown the gravity of the concern as health-related, it is because he really wants you. Despite that, if your partner is still with you amidst how skinny, fat, tall or short you are, he loves the real you.

03. Age is a life well spent

We all know we aren’t getting younger by the day, so does your partner. The more you age, the more wrinkles start showing. If your partner counts your wrinkles as a day added to the anniversary of your love, he is truly in love and looking forward to a future with you. Your age will be memories of a life well spent together for him.

04. Not A Control Freak

Understanding the difference between controlling and caring is very important. Many mistakes caring for controlling. Any relationship where a partner has many doubts and insecurities can be toxic if he is suffocating you. Relationships should be built on trust and communications and if this has been failed, it will lead you nowhere. A man able to trust you and give space to your sanity and sometimes respects your privacy is a gentleman who is matured enough to understand individual personal space. If your partner is such, your relationship has a long last.

05. Helps you get through mood Swings

In a stage where every woman goes through excruciating pain to bear their menstrual cramps, mood swings can be their worst enemy. A man who is able to understand and help you get through these days can be the best relief. Without putting you aside on days like this and keeping you on a check is a man who would love you dearly.

06. Supports in a life crisis

A man who is looking for a long-term relationship or a future with you, he will support you emotionally and financially. We all have unexpected surprises of the crisis in life that needs one’s support. Be it in terms of job or a loss of family member. Your partner will be with you at all costs, no matter what. If he is generously helping you come out, without leaving you isolated, it a sign he loves you no matter what.

07. He doesn’t try to change you

We always have heard this one. As said before, if a man who accepts you with flaws will never try to change you. He understands that each person is different, and you have a unique self that differentiates you from others. If he doesn’t try to change that unique you, he is ready to accept you for a future.

08. Forgives your mistakes

A tendency to make mistakes in life is very high. Especially in a relationship when two people are involved, there will obviously be circumstances where we disagree on certain actions or behaviors of the significant other. However, forgiving the mistakes is the biggest part of communication that many lacks for their regrets. Well, a man who is matured enough to understand and analyze the situation and forgive is worth a life to live with.

09. Helps overcome the past barriers

Everyone has a story that they always carry forward in their life tormenting them. Being able to confess to the partner and having the comfort of him understand and help you to walk past through it, he is definitely a keeper.  Most men ignore and wouldn’t bother to know what your past brings with you. But a person who gives an ear to all your worries of the past and understands is worth your time.

10. He is there for you when you feel down

In a well-understood relationship, your partner is able to sense if things are low in your end. He will not ignore your emotions and will put effort to bring back the happiness. Although sometimes his methods may not work to bring a smile to your face, his efforts need appreciation. Putting energy to help you get through your feelings, is a gentleman you will need for the rest of your life.

11. He gives you space

It is important to understand that people can’t evolve when they are constantly glued to someone’s side. Alone time gives the opportunity to focus on our selves, explore other interests and room to grow.  If your partner doesn’t feel the connection is off, during this time and respects to let you go along with everything and yet be with you, then you know he is a keeper.