The childhood which you spent might be different from the childhood that your child now spends. And even your childhood must have been different from your parent’s childhood. As time pass by things tends to change, even the activities children do in childhood change from generation to generation. 

Today’s childhood mostly revolves around technology. It’s not a bad thing to let your child get familiar with the technology. Every parent wants their child to have the best. What has changed is the activities you did and what your children do. And recently as for the situation going on in the world, with social distancing and things children are lot more inside the houses. As Little Things explains, they get bored after some time when they continuously stare at the screens.

So here are some interesting summer fun ideas for your kids.

#1 A lemonade stand

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This would be a fun thing for your kids to have fun and even they would get to learn about business and making money. It should be done for fun not to earn money. But at the end of the summer, they would earn some money and have plenty of fun.

#2 A tire swing


Let them swing around on a tire swing and have the fun that you had when you were young. It wouldn’t be that hard to find a spare tire and a tree. It would be fun for them to swing around and even you will remember your childhood where you once had so much fun.

#3 Hit in the drive-in


Recently the drive-in theaters came up due to social distancing and it’s also kind of fun. I,f you don’t have a drive-in, be creative, make your one and let the kids have fun.

#4 making ice cream for yourself is also fun


You don’t need many things to make tasty ice cream, all you need is some ice, sugar, flavor extract, and a plastic bag. It would be fun for the kids to make and taste their own ice cream.

#5 Making friendship bracelets for friends


It’s fun to make them and tie them on a friend’s wrist. It would be fun as there are many patterns. Can make different patterns for friends and share their friendship. The kids would love to gift their friends a handmade friendship band.

#6 Kite flying


Make a kite for your own and seeing it fly high in the sky is so much fun. On a windy day try flying kites with kids, even they might get interested to make a kite for their own. Kites can be made in different ways. So try kite flying.

#7 Break out the sidewalk chalk


Sidewalk chalk is interesting and way too good for passing time. It gives space for creativity and is easy to clean up. You can even do some other games along with your kids.

#8 Jump ropes


These are something that is used by a fewer number of children. Many aren’t now used to playing with these. Actually, we used to get so tired of playing with these. It’s a good way for your child to be active and to have fun at the same time.

#9 A camp in the backyard


If it’s hard to go on camping you can camp in your backyard. If you have small children who you aren’t able to take on camping this is a perfect idea.  You can even have a sleepover by gathering some neighboring kids.

#10 Firefly catching


Take a glass jar and trying catching a little firefly. If your kids can stay awake at night this is a good way to have fun. If it’s hard to find fireflies in your area you can try going t a firefly habitat. Your kids will have fun trying to catch the flying lights.

#11 Slip-and-Slide


Slip and slide is fun of course. Having your own slip and slide is more fun. Get creative and make your own slip and slide. There are safe setups you can make in no time on DIY Networks. Try this out sometime.

#12 how about try singing a song


Songs are really good mood makers. When you listen to them you might even remember precious times in your life. Put on a radio and have fun listening to music. Pass your summertime listening to your favorite songs.

Comment below what’s your favorite summer fun idea is.

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