The world is changing rapidly and even in the very moment that you read this, some new innovations are taking place, some new trends are being created and the frock that you bought last month might be considered as out of fashion. Even though we don’t give it much thought in each and every second that we breathe we are getting old and some of the things that we genuinely loved and adored a few years back would seem hilarious in your eyes now.

So, we felt that it would be interesting to see some pictures from a few decades ago to see how the world has changed over time. the beliefs, traditions, and trends that we followed years ago will no longer be fascinating and in fact, you may even ridicule the absurdity of some of them. these pictures that we have compiled below will help you to gain a better understanding of how people actually lived and thought years ago and these pictures will sharpen your knowledge of history.

So, scroll down to some of the most absurd pictures of the earlier decades and do not forget to share what you feel with us.

#1. Suntan vending machine, USA, 1949

simpleton318 / imgur

#2. Water message for breasts, 1930

tripfunny / imgur

#3. A popular method of hair straightening in the 1960s

vintag | psuedon / imgur

#4. Toothache remedy with cocaine, 1885


#5. A mobile church based on Ford T with a priest-driver, USA, 1922

The Henry Ford / flickr

#6. A woman in a giant frying pan with bacon tied to her feet before, 7,200 eggs are added to a record-breaking omelet, USA, 1931

LookDontTouch / imgur

#7. Before the ear of online games and computers, children’s entertainment in Great Britain, 1973

Sefton Samuels /

#8. The automaton Euphonia that can imitate human speech, 1860


#9. Kids and cigarettes in ads from the 1960s. what could be better?

Joe Wolf / flickr

#10. A child’s car seat from the 1940s

RUAUMOKO / reddit

#11. The ghost team


Argentina’s football team was scheduled to play against Bolivia on September 23, 1973. The team was divided into 2 groups. One group traveled to Tilcara at 2,500 m above sea level to get used to the conditions. But the Argentina FA “forgot” about the team and the team never received the first payment for funds for supplies, the hotel, and food. No one could acquire information about the squad during their stay in Tilcara. That’s why they were called “The Ghost Team.”

#12. Our world 105 years ago. Before a vaccine against diphtheria was invented

briskt / reddit

#13. A picture from popular science depicting the workers at Walt Disney studios building an automated caveman for the 1964 New York World’s fair

#14. Similar things happen nowadays as well

A picture from a modern mental asylum in Sierra Leone, Africa, during the 21st century.

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