It’s not a new thing that women try to look their best because even the women in the earlier days had tried to look their best. $532 billion is the worth of the global beauty industry today. Women trying to look the best is as old as history, but you’ll be surprised with their beauty hacks. There had been a number of super weird beauty ideas followed by women at that time.

Some beauty ideas from that time were shared through a series of TikTok videos by Zachary Margolis for his ‘Offbeat History’ account. For sure you’ll be surprised to see and hear about them.More info & Media courtesy: Offbeat History

Have a look at the video below

@offbeathistoryObscure Beauty Trends ?Do not try these at home. #makeuproutine #beautytips #learn

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Women in the 19th century had eaten arsenic wafers that are deadly in order to whiten and even out their complexions. There had been side effects from it like baldness, cancer, and epilepsy.


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A suntanned complexion had become famous in the mid-1920s. It had become so after Coco Chanel had fallen asleep on her yacht on the French Riviera. And then it had become a symbol of status for people who could afford sunny vacations.


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As the forehead was considered the most beautiful part many women had removed their eyelashes to make their foreheads more noticeable. Some had even taken off their hairlines and eyebrows to make their face more oval-looking.


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Roman people had risen their mouths with urine to whiten their teeth. They had especially used urine from Portugal.


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 The women had used lard to make their hair in the 18th century before hair spray was introduced. As the wigs would become rat nests women had even slept with cages around their heads.


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In pre-revolution France, people had even colored their veins to make them prominent at it was a rage that time. And some had used leeches to make the veins more noticeable.


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In the Japanese Edo period among aristocrats and married women blackened teeth had been popular. And it had been considered as a sign of beauty and helped to preserve the teeth in old age. But it was banned by the Japanese government in 1870.


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A Dimple making machine had been introduced by Isabella Gilbert in 1936. That machine has had a spring that would fix to face and two knobs that would press the cheeks. Unfortunately, the machine had not worked.


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Gladiator’s sweat had been used by women in Rome to moisturize their bodies. And sweat had been sold as souvenirs outside the fight.


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Women in Italy had wanted to have thin lips in the 1400s but the paintings at that time had not highlighted them clearly.


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Women in ancient Greece had darkened their eyebrows with powder and some had even used fake eyebrows made of goat hair. As at that time uni-brows had been considered as a sign of purity and intelligence.


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Specialists have suede hair directly into the eyelids as eyelash transplant had been a rage in the 1800s.


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The X-ray machine had been used to treat acne, hair removal, and eczema after it was invented. And it also has had side effects like ulcerations, cancer, and atrophy.


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Portable hair dryers had come to market in1920s instead of bulky hair dryers. Those dryers had been dangerous as they would cause electrocutions, burns, and even death.

Tell us if there’s any beauty hack among these that you loved. Comment below.

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