There are so many things which we are using on daily basis, but did you at least think for a moment that everything has their simplest feature? So you need to have a look deeply and identify that your favorite items have been designed to do much more than you thought. All most, all the things have a structure with a combination of its safety features.

Auxx Me has found some daily things which have always had some remarkable hidden features that we possibly never knew about.

1. The small button on your jeans has never been truly recognized.

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These buttons are placed on your jeans at areas which are most likely to tear apart from movements. So now you know these tiny buttons are keeping your jeans in your wardrobe last ever.

2. The NO “57” stamped in the middle of the Heinz ketchup bottle.

The Heinz slogan, “57 varieties,” has become iconic since its origin in 1892, and it now appears on every ketchup bottle (and every other Heinz product). But does Heinz actually make 57 different types of ketchup? Are there 57 ways to make Heinz ketchup? Or maybe it has 57 ingredients? No, nope, and definitely not. The answer to this plaguing question is surprisingly anticlimactic: It’s just a random number. So next time you use a bottle, stop banging the bottom of it and try hitting this spot.

3. Grooves on the bottoms of cups.

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All mugs have grooves and their purpose is simple – they serve as a runoff for water in a dishwasher. Upturned cups can collect water on their bases, and those thoughtful people in Sweden decided that rather than have their customers or their clean dishes splashed with dirty dishwasher water, they would add this simple feature.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

4. The holes on the handles of utensils aren’t just to hang them.

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Many of you might have hung utensils via the little holes on your pots and pans’ handles. so these can also be used to hold the spoons while cooking to get rid of utensils from getting messy.

5. There’s a hole in the cap of the pen and it has nothing to do with the pen or the ink.

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Most of the kids are chewing their pens. There’s no wonder that most swallowing accidents occur in children between the ages of 6-15 years.

This hole allows air passage to prevent choking if someone swallows it.

6. The Small pompoms on beanies aren’t just an extra touch of adorability.

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The style was introduced because it would prevent beat their heads on the ceilings. Later, the design was modified by army troops. So that’s how these pompoms ended up on our cute beanies!

7. The little slot at the end of measuring tape.


Most measuring tapes are made from metals. Therefore, these slots can be hung on a nail to measure anything. If you can notice carefully, the stub is also serrated on one side. This can be used to mark points without using a pencil.

8. Most childproof prescription bottles can be changed.

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In the market, most of the plastics bottles have childproof lids. However, most of the people are not aware of turning the lid upside down and they are no longer childproof. These lids are created only for the medicine bottles.

9. Bumps on the F and J keyboard keys.

The small bumps or ridges found on the F and J keys on a computer keyboard are to help users correctly position their left and right hands without having to look at the keyboard. For example, without looking at your hands, you can feel the correct position of your left index finger on the F and the right index finger on the J by feeling the small bumps on the keys.

10. The brushes on the sides of escalators are not to polish your shoes.

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The worst escalator injuries occur when a foot is caught between the side of the escalator and the moving step or when a foot is dragged in between two steps. These can lead to brutal injuries called “degloving” injuries. Most modern escalators have black bristles on their sides. These brushes are designed both to discourage people from standing right on the edge and to make it less likely that clothing and feet will get dragged into the space between the sides and the steps.

11. You can use your screwdrivers as wrenches as well.

© thetortureneverstops / reddit

Many screwdrivers can be effortlessly slid through a wrench and are used to create additional torque. This feature is specifically helpful at complex heights and angles.

12. The arrow following to the fuel tank symbol in the gas gauge.

© IGotTheDeadInMyHead / reddit

This feature is tremendously handy when you’re driving a rented car.

13. The tiny wings on an apple charger.

© itsJeremiahS / twitter

The wings on your laptop’s charger can be flicked up to wind the wire, so keeping it tangle free in your bag.

14. iPhone has a mysterious little hole next to its camera.

© Dennis Cortés /

little black hole, which is an additional microphone. If you look closely, you will notice the characteristic comb-like structure of microphones. Among other purposes, it helps with the noise suppression and in capturing the sound in a wider angle to ensure a better quality of conversations.

15. Most locks have a little hole next to the keyhole.

The little hole has been designed mechanically only to let the excess dirt or water pass through it. These are drain holes that let the moisture drain out since padlocks are mostly placed outdoors. It is also necessary when you have to pour the oil for lubrication purpose.

Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.

Let us know what do you think about these hidden features.