Do you know how many horse breeds are there? As stated in thesprucepets, there are many types and breeds of horses. This means horses are bound to be diverse and they are inherited with unique colors mutations. At certain times, it is hard to believe that horses are born with such colors.

Therefore, Auxx me have found some unique and different horse breeds to prove that our nature is occupied with a lot of creative things.

1. “Storm” the Haflinger with the Rapunzel-like hair.

© haflinger_storm_naomi / instagram © haflinger_storm_naomi / instagram

2. Frederik has looked as great and strong as Alexander.

© Cavalli / facebook © Frederik the Great / facebook

3. Dalmatians are always jealous of this Knabstrupper’s dots.


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Goodmorning, minime want’s a horse like this ? #dalmatianhorse #spots ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ have a great saturday?

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4. “Austin” the Gypsy Vanner stallion used to get the victory from all the competitions.

© Austin Vanner / facebook

5. I am pretty sure that you are jealous of this Gypsy horse’s shiny hair?

6. What if I tell you the most diverse horse breed? It’s obviously the Appaloosa.

© Holley Underhill Equine Photography / facebook

7. The American Bashkir obviously has what you try for hours to attain with a curler.


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American Bashkir Curly horse ?? #photo #horse #Travel #equestrian #equestriantravel #horsesofinstagram #uniquehorses

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8. People say dual colors are not so great, but Blue Roan horses prove otherwise.

9. how about seeing a horse that looks like a cow, so you have to search for the American Paint horse.

10. This beauty is impacted by the Dun gene, something which dilutes its color and makes it lighter.

© Ricky Martin / twitter

11. you don’t have to hide your freckles. Be like this Arabian stallion who shows them arrogantly.

12. it is interesting how Knabstruppers can transform into zebras?

13. No need to take Fjord horses’ cute image as a weakness. They are quite the studs.

14. In case you are not aware, miniature horses truly exist.

15. The beauty of this Silver Dapple horse makes all eyes haggard to it.

What do you think about these adorable breeds? Who looks more magnificent and otherworldly to you? You may share your opinions with us in the comment section below.