Being an introvert is not an easy thing. especially, when you are surrounded by people who always try to have a go in their life and who always pushes you to be in the spotlight, you will not be able to cling onto your introvert traits. Sometimes, people around you will also think some of your behaviors to be odd and unusual and you will never know what makes you look different from others. so, here we compiled a list of 15 traits that introverts have. Sometimes, other people will not understand these but it is always good to have an idea about everyone around us. So, go through the list and don’t forget to leave your thoughts with us.

#1. They make themselves laugh


These people are really creative and innovative but they will not try to show off their talents. They prefer their own company and they enjoy laughing a lot. Many comedians are introverts and their talent show laughing is one mode used by them to feel comfortable and to be included among others.

#2. They need to be alone to recharge


Introverts will not try to be in the spotlight all the time. They do not need many friends but they value having some quality friends. Instead of spending hours and hours with friends, they would prefer to have some time for themselves and this actually recharges their energies.

#3. They like people and they don’t

meaningful conversations

They like to have meaningful conversations with the right type of people. They are not the ones who like to spend time uselessly talking about anything and everything. So, they would think a lot before making a friendship with anyone. They don’t like personalities and this selectiveness also make them appear odd in other people’s eyes.

#4. They wished others loved as deeply as they do


Introverts always value quality relationships and therefore, they always love and care too much about their partners. They think deeply about all the relationships they are having and they will do almost anything for their loved ones. However, they will also be hurt in these relationships when they do not get love in the same magnitude. They will feel like ignored and wish they would also get the same attention.

#5. Loyalty is a big deal to them

They will not be in a hurry to make new contacts and instead, introverts will examine a lot before making a friendship with anyone. They value honesty and trustworthiness and therefore they will not make any connection with anyone who trivializes their friendship. Introverts will be easily wounded and that is why it is not good to betray their trust.

#6. They don’t like unexpected visitors

They don’t like sudden and unexpected things and especially, they don’t like unexpected visitors. It breaks the order of their lives and they don’t like distractions. They would not have the energy to face up for such situations and therefore, they will try to avoid such situations at any cost.

#7. They are not necessarily bored even if they look like they are

Introverts do enjoy their lives but in a different way. They will not shout out loud or jump all over the place when they are happy. In fact, they are never bored but you will not identify whether they are bored or having some absolutely thrilling moment.

#8. They love spending time with their kids, but they need downtime too

Kids are usually extroverts. It’s really fun to watch extroverts playing and doing all sorts of things but introverts still need some time for themselves. They need time to be recharged and there is no doubt that they can be the best parents ever with their big hearts.

#9. Every once in awhile, they need to get out

Introverts will like to experience new things and they don’t like to be glued to one place. they need new things to give a new meaning to their lives and therefore, you will see them going out every once in a while to regain something new to themselves.

#10. Attention-seeking behaviors annoy them

Introverts are not attention seekers and they despise the people who try to stand on the spotlight. They are naturally witty and smart but they do not want to boast about themselves. They are pleased as much as they do not get any attention at all!

#11. They won’t answer the phone if they don’t know who is calling

They do not like to spend time on things that they do not have any idea about. Rather than wasting time on an unimportant call, they would like to continue the works that they have been doing without any interruption. Even for the people that they know, they will answer the phone only when necessary and will mostly send a text than spending time on calls.

#12. They are usually, not judging you!

Even though introverts do not seem to care about others behaviors, they are indeed very much observant. They observe people deeply but they do not try to judge anyone as they are not interested in anyone’s personal matters.

#13. They get distracted easily

They easily get distracted by other people, noises and things. So, mostly they prefer to work in quiet environments. Sometimes, even a sound of water dropping or sight of a person walking can distract them and therefore, try not to disturb an introvert.

#14. They are not in a bad mood

Most of the times, introverts are in deep thoughts. They always think about something and therefore their mind in on the go almost all the time. in such a case, others would think them to be in a bad mood as they do not talk with anyone. But, this is not the truth about them and you have to keep this in mind when you deal with introverts.

#15. They can be the life of the party sometimes

Even though it seems hard to believe, introverts can be the life of the party at times. It is just that they do not like to show that side of their nature to everyone. They fell comfortable with the people they believe in and they would act quite freely in their presence. This is another reason why they appreciate genuine friendship and real conversations.

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