Being held for the 57th time, the contest for “The Wildlife Photographer” for 2021 was held recently. With a huge amount of submissions counting over 50000 photos flowing in from all over the globe, The National History Museum hosted this world-famous photography contest.

A lot of people have been discussing about this year’s competition since the photographers couldn’t travel as they used to. So, there has been a significant challenge to collect their amazing photographs to submit. But through all these hardships, a big number of contestants have submitted their photos as the competition went on as usual. So, in order to shine the spotlight on some of the most amazing wildlife photographers in the world, we will be discussing on 16 most amazing photographs which are in this contest. You can scroll down to check them out.

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Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Jonny Armstrong (USA) For Animal Portraits


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Buddhilini De Soyza (Sri Lanka/Australia) For Mammal Behaviour.

This competition started out in the year of 1984 and it is ongoing up to date. Buddhini De Soyza, who was one of the commended photographers for her photo of 4 Cheetahs swimming rough waters spoke with Bored Panda. This was shot in a river in Kenya. The photographer’s teams have been scouting 5 Cheetahs walking up and down the river bank. After being exhausted waiting for hours, the team was about to leave when one leapt into the rapids and started swimming. Three others immediately joined the lead while one refused to, staying back on the bank.

The reason for this is that the greatest danger in these waters are crocodiles, so in order to avoid that they should face another danger, the rapids. The crocodiles are not found in the rapids but the photographer explained that these were very rough rapids than the usual choice of Cheetahs. She perfectly captured the brave 4 swimmers on their brawl with the rapids to make it to the other side alive.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Lara Jackson (UK) For Animal Portraits.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Juergen Freund (Germany/Australia) For Plants And Fungi.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Sergio Marijuán (Spain) For Urban Wildlife


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
 Gagana Mendis Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) For 10yrs And Under.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Douglas Gimesy (Australia) For Photojournalism


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Emelin Dupieux (France) For 11-14yrs.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Wei Fu (Thailand),  For Amphibians And Reptiles Behaviour.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Jack Zhi (USA) For Bird Behaviour.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Audun Rikardsen (Norway) For The Bigger Picture – Oceans


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
 Gil Wizen By (Israel/Canada) Invertebrates Behaviour.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Gheorghe Popa (Romania) For Natural Artistry.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Laurent Ballesta (France) For Underwater.


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Jaime Culebras (Spain) For Urban Wildlife


Wildlife Photographer Contest -2021
Rakesh Pulapa (India) For The Bigger Picture – Wetlands
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