In the winter, even people tend to hibernate a bit. There are only 3.5 hours of daylight. But it’s brighter with snow and the sky is full of beautiful pastel colors.

Here are some freezing cold photos which prove winter is not for faint-hearted.

1. This is the trail my dog made. I guess he realized how cold and snowy it was.


2. How my wife’s hair looks like just after fifteen minutes in −20ºF

icey hair
© HarveyPoops/

3. Begging to be taken inside

© Kotvsapogah90/

4. Do not have to worry about the car getting stolen anymore

ice car
© unknown user/ imgur

5. Mother Nature is a fine artist

ice crystal car roof
© foxxxaygrandpa/ imgur

6. The winter has come

car wheel
© eyefearnobeer/

7. The temperature is so low outside that even the ghost that haunts the house froze

ice sculpture
© tforpatato/

8. Luckily he has put his wiper blades up

© anusquote/

9. Flying monuments

horse and man
© byfacking/

10. Sauce, are you going on winter vacation?

Sauce bottle
© Clever2v/

11. Frosty Pants


12. How do I use the bathroom now?

© SiSick47/

13. Bringing my soda to the stadium was an utter waste

ice drink
© hi-imma-chameleon/

14. When you have too many problems to deal with

snow roof
© IntrestingPortal/

15. Ice surfing is fun

ice beard man

16. Swedish winter came as a real surprise for my kitty

black iced cat
© please_agree/

17. Another wonderful masterpiece by Mother Nature

spider web side mirror
© unknown user/ imgur
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