We are born with a certain level of self-respect for our own. Sometimes there will be falls in our lives and beat us down in a cruel way forcing us to loose our value for ourselves. We will forget our own worth easily and see us as nothing.

You will think that it is an awful way to live. Once you start to remember your worth and it will not be the same. You will start to do things that you never thought of doing. Below are 17 things that you will start to do when you gain back your self-respect.

1) Putting yourself first.

To take care of yourself is very important to you now. You will understand how important to find your own needs first.

2) Not disclosing yourself to anyone.

There is no need to explain about yourself to anyone. As long as you are not giving trouble to anyone, you can live the way you dream of without anyone’ approval.

3) Avoiding negativity.

You will keep away from negativity. Negative people, negative discussions, negative spaces will only bring negativity to your life. So you will not go to put yourself through it.

4) Giving time to yourself.

You need to be alone and think about yourself. You will find time to do things for yourself. You do not owe your time to anyone but only to yourself. Even 5 minutes of your time without thinking anything, staying out of this world, you will be willing to take it.

5) Cutting out poisonous people.

You will not feel any sympathy for cutting them out. People who treat you bad and only care about themselves are worth to sent away from your life rather than keeping them with you which brings negativity to your life.

6) Changing your opinions.

When you grow up you change. You will change your thinking and your attitude for a certain situation. You will change the way you used to do things and your opinion will also change. You do not think what others think or say. You will go ahead with your feelings.

7) Not accepting empty apologies.

If someone says sorry for his or her behavior but do not do anything to change it then it will not be a thing for you. It is not a real apology. It is not a thing you pretend to believe.

8) Saying “No” when you meant it.

Although anyone convinces you to do a thing which you said “no” you will never change your decision. You will set boundaries and will not give anyone any chance to change it.

9) Do not care if people dislike you.

It is a waste of time and energy to change people who do not like or care about you. Some people will never like you and it is okay for you.

10) Doing things just because you want to.

You can do whatever you want which make you happy. You do not care about other people’s judgment. You will be able to do fun and creative things. Who cares what other people’s judgments?

11) Dressing how you want.

You can wear what you want. It does not matter what other people think, you can dress and present yourself how you want. With or without make up it does not matter to you and to do a hairstyle as your choice.

12) Forgetting your Ex.

You were thinking about them for some time but after you start to respect yourself you will let them off from your mind. Thinking about them anymore is a waste of time. The past has to be kept where it belongs to.

13) Staying out of arguments.

Some people love the feeling that gives them when arguing. But it is only a negative kind of a rush mainly based on anger. You will keep away from such situations knowing that the person who is trying to argue with you is only looking for that feeling.

14) Not prioritizing people that don’t respect you.

It is worth to spend time with people who really think and care about you. If you will not get the respect which you deserve from people it is not necessary to follow their opinions although they want you to follow them.

15) Living the life you want.

You have one life to live and you will make it sure that it will be counted. It does not matter how safe or fast the field and path you choose to live. You will live exactly how you want to.

16) Accepting your Flaws.

It is not just accepting them but to love them too. Who has the right to judge about them anyway? If you have a big nose, you are short or you are curvier than others why should you have to dislike those parts of yourself?

17) Falling in love with yourself.

To have yourself is the best friend that you can have. You do not need anyone’s love. After all of this, you have learned to love yourself without any conditions.

One of the greatest achievements if your life is to learn how to respect yourself. After falling down in life it will take some time to stand up and gain this achievement. The slower the better. Once you get through this you will have a new path in life. You will stand up tall in society.

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