Dogs are not just pets but family members. Every dog owner considers their dog as a family member that they should protect. And they would do anything in order to protect their loving pet. This is a story of a brave girl who had saved her dogs from a bear. Her heroic action had gone viral through a TikTok video which had received about 64M views.More info: TikTok | TikTok

#1. A 17-year-old teen saves her dog from a bear by pushing it off the fence.

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As it is in the footage from the backyard camera, a bear with her cubs had come onto the house fence and the dogs were barking at the bears. Then the teen quickly comes and pushes the bear off the fence and then she takes her dog away. 

The teen hero is Hailey Morinico and she’s from Southern California. The video had been posted on TikTok by Brenda, Hailey’s cousin. And after that video, another has been posted where Hailey explains what had happened.

#2. When she goes to see what her dogs are barking at she had seen bears on the fence.

Image credits: bakedlikepie

When she had gone to see what her dogs were barking at, at first when she saw them she had thought that it was a funny-looking dog, but soon had realized it was not a dog but a bear fighting with her dogs.

And then she had gone and pushed the bear off the fence. She had said that she didn’t push the bear hard and after pushing it she had left with her dog from there. The dogs were also fine, but Hailey had sprained a finger and had got a bruise on her knee. And people had commented asking about the dogs of the neighbor and she had said that they were also fine. And that the bears went to the roadside to her babies.


Image credits: bakedlikepie

#4. Bear with cubs were fighting with the dogs.

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She had said that as they live in mountains it’s quite normal to see them come to houses, and in summer they often come. Also, she had confirmed that the bear was also fine. She had said that the bear comes around all time and they are pretty chill.

The Bored Panda had Spoken with Hailey and she had said to them that it’s usual for them to see bears, and they see them from about a couple of feet away. Also, she had said that there’s nothing much they can do to protect the yard and that people lock their doors and garages. And had said that people can protect themselves by running away or scaring away the bears.

#5. Hailey had quickly gone and pushed the bear, and it had worked.

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Image credits: bakedlikepieBrenda

Hailey’s cousin had said to Buzzfeed that her cousin Hailey loves her dogs so much, but her family had warned her no to such a thing ever again. And Hailey’s mother had said to abc7 that she breaks down every time she sees it and that it’s horrifying to watch.

They had asked Hailey what she thinks when she looks at the video, and she had said that when she looks at it she’s astonished by what she did and how things happened that quick. 

#7. She had become a hero on the internet, and none had got severely hurt in the end.

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Hailey had said that it’s overwhelming to deal with the media and those who had messaged her calling her a hero is really heartwarming and that she loves to see that everyone is sticking with her as a person. And that they had not thought the video would go viral, they had thought that it would be a small joke around family and friends.

Follow her on Instagram  @bittersweet.brat and her TikTok  @tempurashrimp if you also love to stick around her.

#8. She knows that it’s her luck that she got away safely and would never do it again.

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Her action was really dangerous and she knows that it’s risky. Thanks to her luck she got away safely. Even the experts about wildlife have said to stay aware of bears. She had said that she understands it’s risky and won’t do it again.

@bakedlikepieMy cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!) #ohno #badass #brave #fight #bear♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Many had commented about the incident.

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