Every parent loves their children more than anything in this world. Children are fun and at the same time, there are putting parents in difficult situations. However, some parents are cable of doing creative things, therefore we can call them as designers and inventors. So this can lead to the appearance of some really delightful gadgets that our parents and grandparents could never have dreamed of.

Auxx me has found a selection of some of the coolest things that are guaranteed to make the life of any parent a lot relaxed and happier.

A smart changing pad

© Hatch Baby

With the help of this mattress, parents can check their kid’s weight, height, his food schedule, and his daily routine. All these can be checked with a smartphone.

A super compact stroller

© GoodBaby

This compact lightweight stroller is very comfortable to parents because parents can fold it up into such a compact little bundle that it will fit in their backpack. It will weigh about 4 KG. This compact stroller has evidence that it’s the most compact stroller ever made.

A translator for your child’s cries

© Pixabay

As any new parent will quickly confirm, the sound of a crying baby can communicate a multitude of things, from “I’m hungry” to “I’m in pain.” A team at UCLA has now developed an innovative app that can identify when a baby is crying and help decide what they are trying to communicate.

A self-heating bottle

© Iiamo

Industrial designer Karim Rashid has designed a self-heating baby bottle that can warm milk to body temperature without using electricity

A safety bracelet

© Beluvv

There are all sorts of fears in the minds of anxious parents, what if kids get lost? There’s no need get scared anymore because a safety bracelet has been developed. So this bracelet will be connected to your smart through a smartphone app. Therefore, you can it can locate your child easily. In case, If your child moves beyond the app’s tracking radius, a warning signal is sent. You can connect anyone you trust to the system.

A thermometer sticker

© Temptraq

The sticker uses Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app to transmit temperature updates in the form of a graph for better monitoring. The app comes equipped with an alert function that wakes you up no matter what time it is, in case the fever reaches alarming levels.

A smart toothbrush

© Vigilant

The new Sonicare for Kids toothbrush hit retail at the end of August, and its key feature is an app that aims to keep kids brushing. The app is a game, and kids earn points for brushing each of the four quadrants of their mouth for two-minutes a pop.


© Crawlings

Knee pads are designed to help protect your kids from the time they start to crawl, walk, and run through the big wide world. They are perfect for indoor use, and even better for the rough and tumble world of the great outdoors.

Fun plates

© UncommonGoods

These fun plates will turn dinner into a game. The flawless answer for all those moms who are tired of tantrums at dinnertime.

The feeding bottle that is also a spoon

© Booninc

This is a hybrid between a bottle and a child spoon that allows you to feed baby purees and baby food without complications or problems. You can even give them right their breast milk or formula, in case Mommy should be absent for any circumstance.

A pacifier and a teether all in one

© Molarmuncher

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are clear benefits to using a pacifier, like calming down a fussy baby, offering a distraction from a blood test or shot and helping the child fall asleep.

A visual and sound projector

© MyBaby

This projector is perfect for helping your baby fall asleep. It projects cute images onto the ceiling together with calming sounds or a tender lullaby.

An entertaining feeding set

© ThinkGeek

Most of the babies are refusing to eat food. So parents have a habit of flying the food over to them. This fun set can convince your kid to eat even the most uncommon things they would normally categorically refuse.

Clothes with a built-in activity monitor

© Mimo

The device is in the shape of a turtle and records the baby’s breathing, position, and the temperature in the room, and passes on all the information to your smartphone.

Illuminated balls

© Boon

Most of the kids are scared of the dark. Therefore, children won’t be scared of the dark with these balls. They can even go to the washroom with the light of these balls.

A fun container for toys

© Boon

The frog-shaped container can scoop up all the bath toys in one humble movement, wash off the bubbles under the tap, and attach it to the wall ready for next time.

An automated baby rocker

© Lolaloo

This device helps to rock your baby, copying the movements of your arms. All you have to do is attach it to the handle of their stroller. Therefore, you can even cook some food or wash clothes for your baby without any rush.

A bed for new parents