An unexpected angle, lighting, perspective, or combination can transform a regular photo into something that challenges our minds. It seems like we are entering a world of fantasy where everything is possible. A giraffe with no neck, a flying ship, an invisible chair, But only later, sometimes with a lot more effort, can our brain assimilate strange images. Once that happens, all of life becomes clear again.

We searched for images, and we compiled 18. You may need to see them more than once to understand why they are there.

#01 “It Looks Like The Van Is Parked Very Close To Another One, But It Just Has Its Doors Open”

image source: DandaGames / Reddit

#02 “Shy Chair Leg”

image source: SCH1Z01D / Reddit

#03 “The Wear And Scratch Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea”

image source: supremo92 / Reddit

#04 “I Got My Hair Cut Today And Noticed Something

image source: perkypetals / Reddit

#05 Unusual Ways To Sit…

image source: bellavanlan / Reddit

#06 What’s The Deal?

image source: Worickorell / Reddit

#07 Perfect Synchronization

image source: waitwhatup / Imgur

#08 “The Baby Giraffe At The Oklahoma City Zoo”

image source: foreverzanix / Reddit

#09 Too-Narrow Construction

image source: Character_Tart7465 / Reddit

#10 “Dropped My Phone, And The Crack It Made Kind Of Looks Like A Hummingbird”

image source: HYEJOOSEGOIST / Reddit

#11 “The 3-Legged Man”

image source: nicojk / Reddit

#12 “Which Tree Is In Front?”

image source: IndependenceOk5800 / Reddit

#13 Cat Floating On The Carpet

image source: Fubler / Reddit

#14 A Ghost Ship

image source: helloumjustin / Reddit

#15 Transparent Laptop

image source: BronxFC2001 / Reddit

#16 2 Bodies… And One Head?

image source: griftylifts / Reddit

#17 “Shriveled Garlic That Looks Like Bird Without Legs”

image source: Matt12771 / Reddit

#18 A Cup Of Milk Coffee… or A Plate Covering A Cup?

image source: Matarskra / Reddit

What was the last time that you saw something unusual in a daily situation? Are you able to share photos with us? We are looking forward to seeing your photos!

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