You will be glad to be alone after reading comments of below 18 people who caught their spouse cheating over him or her.

Recently Reddit thread was looking for answers for the question “What is your” accidentally caught your spouse’ cheating horror story? The answers were quite surprising. Most of the people were ready and willing to share their experiences. Below are some few good ones.

1) When the brother does not have his sister’s back. / Via

2) Will you sit and think about what just happened for an hour. / Via

3) Kids should have been kept away from it. / Via

4) Sometimes things happen for a reason and for the best although part of him wished he did not go to get the router. / Via

5) It was a cruel way to find it out. / Via

6) This girl was caught up thanks to Pokémon Go. / Via

7) Yes, you can cheat if you want but do not do it on a family plan. / Via

8) To be honest is hard to come by. / Via

9) It is a very cruel thing. / Via

10) Better lock the door or do not cheat. / Via

11) I thought it was a bad thing that just happened. But it got worse. / Via

12) It was an awkward way to find things out. / Via

13) This is horrible. But dad was there to back her. / Via

14) Who uses two GoPros? But in this case, it was so useful. / Via

15) What she referred as “them” was her husband and cousin. / Via

16) What did in the dark will always find its way to the light one day. / Via

17) A prank which went horribly wrong. / Via

18) It is very hard to control your tongue. / Via

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