It was on the day that an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear power plant melted down. And that saddening day is the 11th of March, 2011.

Janine Pendelton explores such destinations that faced unfortunate incidents. He shares his experience of the Fukushima incident, one of the most heartbreaking disasters in the world.

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#1 The houses and vehicles people had left when they fled are still there and the nature is surrounding them.

As he was standing in a school gym, he could see the pacific ocean only a few distance away. It was beautiful and calm when he visited. He had said that on 11th march, 2011 the staff of the school had made a courageous decision. As the sirens had stuck warning the coming tsunami, protocol had dictated that they remain inside the school. They had thought that the tsunami wall may or should protect them. But for some reason or the other the staff had decided to evacuate instead of staying. And their decision had doubtlessly saved a lot of lives, 82 students and 15 staff members. On that day the tsunami had come over the seawall and had struck the school.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the other schools which had not escaped and have had a more saddening ending.

#2 Chevrolet Impala Ss still looks new and ready to run.

#3 The school is a few distance from the sea. The floor of the sports room had fall in as it’s abandoned.

#4 The supermarket left out as it is.

#5 The arcade is dark and empty with only coin trays and papers scattered on the floor.

#6 Reikyusha, a Japanese funeral car left out.

#7 The supermarket left out with musty and stale air inside.

#8 Nissan Pao forgotten behind a bush.

#9 Anime design features arcade Machines.

#10 Floors covered with different products all over.

#11  Forgotten shops everywhere and restricted from reaching them.

#12 shelves covered by dust everywhere.

#13 Forgotten Pachinko Hall in Fukushima.

#14 Long time expired sweets and snacks still lying on the shelves.

#15 A school that had evacuated just before the tsunami had struck.

#16 left out Pachinko hall that might have been very crowded and active as Pachinko is famous in Japanese arcades.

#17 Vehicles abandoned and weeds grown over.

#18 The gaming halls might come to life again with the Re-Inhabitation of Fukushima.

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