The human brain can do some amazing things. There are so many things where an average person doesn’t know about his or her brain.

You know that the brain is a pretty amazing organ. However, you are not aware that the mind has unbelievable qualities that are untapped and locked away deep inside yourself.

These following pictures show you how men trying to solve challenging problems. It might give you a clue.

According to the pictures, it seems that some men have utilized their brains and come up with crazy concepts which are unbelievable.

If you think that there are no solutions to problems, you can learn a lesson after going through these incredible pictures.

You never know what it may lead you.

Scroll down below to see for yourself.

When years of playing Tetris finally pays off:

© JesusSkywalkered / Reddit

I’ll do it, just hold the ladder.

© tbonetaylor / Reddit

Yeah, sometimes safety really should go first.

© LEcareer / Reddit

“My parents got a brand new bed last night, and my dad’s nightstand was too short. Problem solved: he drilled it into the wall.”

© skankopita / Reddit

When you forgot your helmet at home, but you still have a lot of work to do.

© DMAS1638 / Reddit

He should’ve hung a sign: “Don’t be afraid, it’s almost safe.”

© TankEnthusiast / Reddit

Men truly have weird relationships with stairs, don’t you think?

© A_Bridgeburner / Reddit

They definitely haven’t seen Final Destination. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to explain their actions.

© ScottieScrotumScum / Reddit

Apparently, eyelids are the best protection for your eyes.

© Open_Game / Reddit

This is too cool, even for Tom Cruise.

© beppo680 / Reddit

Well, at least your toes are safe.

© bigbaumer / Reddit

“My co-worker repaired the linoleum floor in our office with cardboard and laminated it with tape.”

© bath3rin3 / Reddit

Imagine the level of trust between these two coworkers.

© No_that_is_weird / Reddit

This is what “thinking outside the box” looks like.

© rydoba / Reddit

It looks like this might be a dentist’s car.

© ThaRoma / Reddit

If it looks stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.

© troubler / Pikabu

“My dog hates getting his nails trimmed, so my dad literally bought a purse and cut holes in it.”

© KendalPeifer / Twitter

Men love to have fun in a big way.

© FuckJerry / Twitter