Colorful photographs are eye-catching indeed but the black and white ones have more power in expression because of the sharpness and the seriousness in the two colors. They don’t leave doubts while grasping the meanings of them because there are fewer colors to distract the spectators.

Black and white are also symbolic of the good and the bad, darkness and light, sorrow and happiness. But in reality, it is difficult to demarcate these two colors. Humans are a combination of both black and white qualities because no man is completely bad nor good, no man is forever happy or sad.  This is one of the main reasons why black and white pictures carry more meaning than the colored ones; there is always a lot to think deeply.

These black and white images will make you think deeper about the ordinary things you see every day.

#1. “The power of trust”

Remi Noel

#2. Impermanence- Life’s most important lesson taught to a child

Keszi László

#3. Scariness associated with magnification

Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira

#4. Clearly, all of them are attracted to her natural beauty – A photograph of the Italian Actress, Maria-Grazia Cucinotta

Ferdinando Scianna

#5. When advertisements used to be in black and white during the 1980s

Ferdinando Scianna & Marpessa

#6. A sharp and detailed presentation of the human body

Louis Blanc

#7. Love is in the air- Singer Joni Mitchell and British musician Graham Nash


#8. Intimate Beauty

Sanghyeok Bang

#9. Sometimes we are drowned by the same thing we are trying to avoid

Aliza Razell

#10. Love knows no difference

Mario Giacomelli

#11. The power of imagination

Joe Baran

#12. Love in the wilderness

Arianna Ruzza

#13. Existential Crisis because of the absence of technological devices

Eric Pickersgill

#14. Don’t let your outside circumstances change the white in you

Chema Madoz

#15. Happiness is a choice

Marc Apers

#16. Some paths you need to go alone

Paulo Mendonza

#17. No one is black or white; all portraits are greyish from inside

Noell Oszvald

#18. The horrendous night lights

Mike Knudsen
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