“Everybody is going to have their moment. I recognize that when my time comes, it’s going to be nobody else’s time. Nobody is going to have my moment, and I will be a superstar”
Tyron Woodley.

Carlos Neira is 19 years and he is from Midland, Texas. He is also known as “Mr. Joyous,” and he becomes quite the internet superstar.

This video shows that Mr. Joyous celebrates his graduation by getting up on the stage. He is with full of excitement. As you can see in this video When Mr. Joyous stepped onto the stage, the whole auditorium started cheering along with Carlos.

At some point, the faculty members on stage can be seen that he is jumping with full of happiness.

The lovely video was posted on Facebook by the Midland Independent School District.

Its caption reads:

“One of the greatest things about being part of graduation is celebrating the accomplishments of our students.”

“We wanted to share a video with you of a very special graduate, Carlos Neria, who danced across the stage with the greatest joy and enthusiasm as he received his high school diploma!”

“We are so proud of you Carlos and proud of all of our 2018 graduates!”

Special thanks go to the Midland Independent School District for capturing this wonderful moment!

You can watch this incredible moment when Carlos steps onto the stage and remain with joy on the day of his graduation.