A series of muscular bronze hands wrapped around tree trunks marries the signature components of legendary Italian artist Giuseppe Penone’s natural aesthetics and realist optical illusions.

(h/t: juxtapoz)

Giuseppe Penone is one of those creative artists that create unusual yet fascinating masterpieces. His 1968 creation of a Bronze arm gripping a tree is still one of this most unique pieces and what’s amazing about it is, the hand is still intact. This Italian artist installed it onto a tree in Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, in 1968.

This Bronze Sculpture Was Attached To A Tree In 1968, Look At It Now!


Penone wrote in 1968, ” I feel the forest breathing and hear the slow, inexorable growth of the wood. I match my breathing to that of the green world around me, I feel the flow of the tree around my hand placed against the trunk”

It would be amazing to see in another 30 years if this unique work of art would still look fascinating as it is, and how the tree’s growth will continue to change the appearance of this stunning masterpiece.

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