It is common to use the phrase “necessity, mother of invention”. Redneck inventions should have a lot of fun, we think. These inventions are on the border of insanely unique and crazily bizarre. Rednecks deserve a lot of credit for their contributions to engineering. Although their prototypes might appear primitive initially, they are full of moonshine-soaked genius. You’re about to be astonished by the top 20 examples redneck engineering. Grab your PVC pipes and duct tape. We are ready to give you a crash course on weird hillbilly inventions.

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#01 For Those Hard-to-clean Stains

#02 Easy Home Security

#03 Perfect Stereo Sound

#04 Two Weeks Until The Office Supply Order Comes In

#05 Happiest Player On The Field

#06 The Ad Said Central A/C

#07 Because Using The Toilet Can Be Exhausting

#08 Replacements Freon Costs How Much?

#09 Totally Street Legal

#10 Easy In And Out Access

#11 That Culligan Guy Can Suck It

#12 Taped Up Tight

#13 Another ‘A’ In Home Ec

#14 That Branch Really Tied The Tree Together

#15 New Smart Car Model?

#16 Sit Down Before You Read This Letter

#17 Safety First

#18 Very Careful Movers

#19 For That Nice Oaky Flavor

#20 Wonder If This Will Come Up On The Carfax?

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