The novel coronavirus has killed nearly 160,000, proving it’s not a joke. The virus spreads through fluids that exit from the nose and mouth. It is advised on all kinds of media to wear personal protective equipment to keep away from contact with an infected person. No matter how often and widely it is warned every day, still there are some idiotic people who haven’t grasped the proper way of safeguarding themselves against the virus. It’s good to know that there’s nothing a little public shaming couldn’t do.

Take a look at these pictures showing how witless and injudicious people can be. Some of these pictures won’t fail to give you a good hearty chuckle and some might leave you in utter disbelief.

#1 It’s a face shield bro, not a crown.

#2 The virus doesn’t move sideways?

#3 Just a typical sight at supermarkets.

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#4 Enjoy the party while it lasts.

#5 Stupidity knows no bounds.

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#6 No words.

#7 Very safe.

#8 It’s enough to just not smell it.

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#9 First learn to read.

#10 With all those dirt, eat some more.

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#11 Since when do viruses pass through the forehead?


#12 Personal protection in style.

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#13 My heart hurts.

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#14 No, I don’t breathe from my nose.

#15 Protesting against quarantine.

#16 Make sure to wear a mask in public.

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#17 Masks work better on the head.

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#18 You got it wrong, bro.

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