Sculptures are scattered across the globe like confetti at a party. You can stumble upon them in college courtyards, city squares, or neighborhood parks. There’s a wide variety of sculptures to behold, ranging from minuscule to massive, from masterful to macabre. But not every sculpture is worth the time or money invested in it. Some of them are downright dreadful so they may induce nausea in viewers.

A recent trend on the r/funny subreddit involves members sharing pictures of these terrible sculptures they’ve encountered. After delving into this group, we’ve curated a collection of the top 20 worst sculptures (dubbed “sh*tty sculptures” by Redditors) for your viewing displeasure. These are undoubtedly the winners of the worst sculptures award. Keep scrolling to witness these monstrosities for yourself. We guarantee that they will stimulate deep thoughts or make you shudder in horror.

#1. Check out the “Winner” for the Worst Sculpture on my College Campus

Source: biblebeltbuddhist

#2. Can You Handle This Sculpture of a Man Taking the World’s Largest Poop?

Source: Paronomasiaster

#3. Get a Load of This Funny and Neat Sculpture from Strange Norway

Source: _Honorspren_

#4. Step Right Up for a Look at Some Seriously Strange Art Sculptures

Source: StrangePiper1

#5. Hop on Over to the Czech Republic to See this Rabbit Statue

Source: Ragnheidr_

#6. Want More Strange Art? Look No Further!

Source: lancert

#7. The Beautiful Moment Sculpture: A Questionable Mother-In-Law Decision

Source: zevHS

#8. The Scripps Turd in San Diego: Commissioned for $200k, but Does it Resemble an Ocean Wave?

Source: ddr1ver

#9. Take a Trip Across Colorado to See This Bad Art Installation at a Community College

Source: Dinco_laVache

#10. Hold Your Nose for This “Shtty” Sculpture from a Park Near My Town

Source: Reinventing_Wheels

#11. Can Anyone Tell me What This Proposed Statue in My City is Supposed to Represent?

Source: dedelec

#12. Feast Your Eyes on Adelaide’s AU$174,000 Big Metal Pigeon, Among Other Crappy Art Installations

Source: Greasemonkey_Chris

#13. The Spike in Dublin: A €4,000,000 Art Installation That Will Leave You Spiked with Confusion

Source: noodeel

#14. The Tragic Waste of $1,000,000 in Perth, Western Australia: A Local Disappointment

Source: sickn0te_

#15. The Weebles in South Shields, England: Shtty Art That Will Keep You Up at Night

Source: cadwalader000

#16. Come One, Come All to See More Strange Art…

Source: elosoyonki

#17. Behold the Horrible Statue of a Horrible Human

Source: asanders9733

#18. This “Bunny” Statue in My Hometown is Over 4 Meters High – That’s One Big Bunny!

Source: Existing_Shock3155

#19. Jump on Board the Strange Art Sculpture Train and Head to Oslo, Norway

Source: Infinite_Tie_4650

#20. Is This University Sculpture About to Take a Dump? You Be the Judge!

Source: BellaFace
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Kazia Obeng
Kazia Obeng
1 year ago

Amazingly incredible ???