What comes to your mind, when you think of a dystopian universe? What do you think? is it Dali-esque surrealist landscapes or is it a real world like ‘The Handmaidens Tale? However, As per the view of late British academic and cultural theorist Mark Fisher, we live in a dystopia, which is undesirable and frightening.

In 2015,  the term ‘boring dystopia’ designed by Mark Fisher and he refers to the subliminal coercion that abounds in a capitalist society. It is subtle, in fact, that if you are not observing, you might not recognize it is happening.

Moreover, Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror is the closest depiction of this theory, with his episodes questioning how far is too far when it comes to our developing technology.

However, for real-life examples of that theory look no further than the sub-Reddit titled ‘A Boring Dystopia,’ dedicated to sharing images which are disturbingly unassuming.

Please scroll down to see the Orwellian thread of signs!

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Healthcare Described In One Picture

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Boring Dystopia

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Boring Dystopia

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