The final supermoon of 2020 shined over the world on the 7th of May. Also called the Flower Moon, this stunning event was much anticipated and wholeheartedly welcomed by stargazers and photographers from all over the world, as they could not wait to capture the radiant giant that dominated the twilight.

This supermoon conveys a great deal of value than the earlier celestial events, as it is called the Flower Moon, a term that is used to symbolize the month of May in which many flowers initiate blooming intensely.

A super-moon can be spotted in the sky when a full moon proceeds within 10% of its closest point to the Earth. Last Tuesday, the Flower Moon approached its perigee, which is the point it is nearest to the Earth. Owing to this fact, the Flower Moon shined visibly larger and brighter than the normal full moon. NASA has approved it to be a supermoon because the perigee appeared just a couple of days before the full moon.

Many people including a few astronomists do not concur with the use of the term “supermoon” as the title for the perigee because it is not considered an astronomical term. A supermoon possesses the capacity to appear 7% larger and 15% brighter than the usual full moon.

Check out 20 of the best supermoon pics below!





















This year, stargazers across the world were truly privileged to have witnessed an entirety of four super-moons throughout the year, in the months of February, March, April, and May. From the Snow Moon in February to the Flower Moon in May, your stargazing journey was surely very interesting and enjoyable!

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