As we were basking in the glory of our best life, fate threw a curveball at us in the form of a mysterious discovery. We were left with an avalanche of questions and absolutely no answers to satisfy our curiosity. Unfortunately, there is a void of proper explanations for the bizarre phenomena that exist in this life, and we’re simply left to deal with them. However, we suggest a different approach to cope with the perplexing nature of life – let’s just laugh it off.

Now, allow us to introduce you to a special corner on Twitter called “Pictures of the End.” This page is dedicated to sharing photos that they hilariously consider the end of the world. We’ve selected 20 out-of-nowhere pictures from its feed for you to check out. Don’t worry if you can’t make heads or tails of what’s happening in these photos because nobody ever can. And if you want more amusing absurdity, be sure to check out our previous post about funny nonsense pictures.

In conclusion, life may throw us some questionable things, but let’s not waste our time trying to figure everything out. Instead, let’s embrace the absurdity and enjoy a good laugh!

#1. Autocorrect Can Be So Darn Frustrating!

#2. Crack The Code And Win The Game From Your Couch!

#3. Have A Confident Christmas And Bold New Year!

#4. The Mystery Of Turtles That Goes On And On

#5. Opening Should Come With A Satisfying Flush Sound

#6. Watch Out, Gru! Danger Ahead!

#7. Step Into The Light And Let Your Brilliance Shine

#8. Why Not Eat And Go At The Same Time? It’s Multitasking At Its Finest!

#9. Look, Eddie! That Hole Is Enormous!

#10. The Ultimate Destination You’re Dying To Visit!

#11. This View Is Album Cover-Worthy

#12. “I Believe This Has More Value Than Imaginary Money”

#13. Flying Without Udders? No, Thank You!

#14. Will We End Up In Suffern, NY, Or Will It Be A Total Disaster?

#15. What A Warm And Welcoming Place!

#16. “This Is Exactly The Inspiration I Needed Today”

#17. It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before It Happens

#18. Introducing… Dumbooooooo!


#19. Touch It, And Your Luck May Turn Around

#20. Sipping Like A Pro… Even If You’re Just A Toddler

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