“Meme” is an image, video, or a piece of text which always gives a humorous idea that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users with a lot of variations. Memes are so popular among everyone. Memes are the morning bed tea for most of the people. That’s because each and every meme is based on a trending story or an incident. But the beautiful thing in it is that the meme producers always create a meme to be expressed sarcastically or funnily.

The memes became the no.1 medicine among the majority of the people around the whole world after the lock-down started. During the lock-down people were jobless. So they were into a lot of activities that can be done with the phones. So with that being said, memes are the mood fixers as well as the happy pills of everyone.

Anyway, we all admit that the year 2020 is a total disaster. The year started with the Brexit misbehavior, then the WW3 (World War Three), Australian fire, and finally the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the whole world while the unemployment rate flew high through the roof and now, the whole world is carrying #BlackLivesMatter vibes everywhere right after killing Geroge Floyd brutally by a white police officer.

The above incidents prove that this year is going through a roller-coaster. But memes help a lot to keep us fresh and motivated throughout the whole day.


year 2020 graph


being prepared for the year 2020


Unique leap year
Image Source: reddit.com


Time traveler
Image Source: reddit.com


Drink 2020


would not recommend


The girl from the ring


my favorite meme
Image Source: kickeep


Everything happens for a reason
Image Source: reddit.com


Teenagers in the future
Image Source: Foxxy (The Original)


area 51
Image Source: reddit.com


Outfit of the month
Image Source: reddit.com


Hurricane season
Image Source; reddit.com


Next destination
Image Source: reddit.com


My underwater ghost
Image Source:HutchinsonDave


planning a business trip in 2020 be like
Image Source: reddit.com
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