The human body is a miraculous creation which some mysteries of it are unsolvable even to the professionals of the field of science. Although most of us think that we know our body well, it’s changes and all the other aspects of it, some features of our body are unbelievable as well as unpredictable. The human body is like the universe we live in, the more we discover it the more we realize there is a lot of unknown things that dwell in it.

These 21 facts about our body will amaze you that you will start wondering how mysterious our body is.

#1. Your tongue print is unique to yourself. Imagine how unique our bodies are?

#2. Did you know that a single hair can bear the weight of a hanging apple?

#3. Our mouth is a place where bacteria equal to the whole human population in the world lives. It can even be more.

#4. Your nails are soft and brittle and have no moon, then your body is possibly saying you have an overactive thyroid.

#5. Ever imagined the speed of an incoming brain impulse? It is about 400 km/h. 

#6. How many blood types do we know? Four right? But actually there are altogether 29 blood types and the rarest of them belongs to the Bombay subtype that is found in Japan.

#7. The blood in our body runs the distance of 19,312 km per day.

#8. All the nerves in the human body if expanded altogether are 75 km in length.

#9. Ever counted the number of breaths you take per day? Its approximately 20,000 breaths per day.

#10. Did you know that our eyelashes are a place where some special mites called Demodex live?

#11. Ever counted the number of colors you know? It is because there are over ten million colors that our eyes distinguish but our brain can’t remember all of them.

#12. Did it ever occur to you that our ears grow in length as we grow old until our death? They grow a quarter of a millimeter every year.

#13. The heart of a person beats 35 million times a year.

#14. Every year our body loses one million skin cells that is 2 kilos every year.

#15. 1 square cm of our skin contains around a hundred pain sensors.

#16. Girls have more taste buds than boys do.

#17. The amount of food an average person consumes during a lifetime is around 35 tons.

#18. Five years of our lifetime are spent on blinking.

#19. Our brain undergoes 10,000 chemical reactions per second.

#20. We sneeze in a speed of 160km/h.

#21. We better smile more because it takes only 17 muscles of the face to smile while crying triggers 43 of them.

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