School is one of the most memorable places for each and every one. But the first day at school was a whole different episode. It is the first time a kid goes to the society with another group of kids. It can be fun, overwhelming at times, scary or it can be exhausting as well.Below are a few pictures that show us what the first day was for a few children. Please enjoy these pictures while you run back to your childhood while at it!

#1 A Terrific First Day!

Kebab connoisseur

#2 One Day Of School Is Enough To Loath About Life.


#3 First Day At School Seems Fun.


#4 First And Second Days Before School.


#5 First Day At School Can Be Tiring.

#6 When School Is Overwhelming.

#7 Life Is Hard Right At The Beginning.

#8 She Isn’t Too Excited On The Second Day.

#9 Before And After School.


#10 She Has To Make A Decision Whether To Return.

#11 School Is Energy-Draining.

Carole Garcia

#12 A 7 Year Old Tries To Avoid School.


#13 Well, School Seems To Be Fun.

#14 When You Had A Tough First Day At School.

#15 When Schools Knock Toddlers Out.

#16 When You Enjoy Your First Day At School.

#17 She Might Have Second Thoughts About School.

#18 This Kid Is Excited To Go Home.

#19 When School Is Forced Upon You.

#20 When You Love School.

#21 This ‘Before’ Picture Is Filled With Excitement.

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betty marrion
betty marrion
3 years ago

That was me on the first day of work.