Cats are those adorable, fuzzy hairballs that love to curl up in your lap, arms, or on your bed, hanging out with you affectionately. But on the flip side, they seem to believe they own you and your house—not the other way around. It’s funny how they strut around the house as if they rule it, with their huge egos on display.

Despite their sassy attitudes, cats are beloved all around the world and are one of the most common pets. They don’t require as much maintenance as some other types of domesticated animals, making them a popular choice.

Because they feel so comfortable around anyone, anywhere, and anytime, cats often end up in the most unexpected places—usually with hilarious results. They love to explore and fit into anything they can, be it boxes of all sorts and sizes, shoes, tiny spaces, and more. We’ve collected a bunch of pictures showcasing cats comfortably lounging in places they definitely shouldn’t be. Their carefree attitudes are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Scroll down to check out these hilarious feline antics and vote your favorite picture to the top. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these adventurous cats in the comments section below!

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