There are many who are homeless and who are threatened with losing their homes. According to the HUD’s Annual Point-in-Time Count(PIT) out of 10,000, there are 17 people who are homeless, which makes a total of 567,715 people. And it is showed by a recently done study that as for the pandemic that’s going on there are crises in unemployment, the economy, and in the housing market which would lead to an increase of about 45% homeless people within one year. When homelessness had become a great problem in America one person had spoken about this matter. He had explained how to prepare for being homeless.

On Imgur, an honest post was shared by this person who also had lived homeless. He had said that he cannot tell how much it hurts him when he wrote that. He had shared some useful facts for someone who might find themselves homeless in the future.More info & Photo courtesy: Imgur

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#1. Homelessness has become a great threat in America in the current situation.

Hayne Palmour IV/The San Diego Union-Tribune (not the actual photo)

#2. A person who had been homeless at some point in his life had shared some useful tips.

The measure that is used to get a count of homeless people in the Us is the HUD’s PIT count. It is said that it doesn’t show the exact number of people who don’t have a house to stay in one night in the month of January. It is pointed out by the National Coalition for Homeless that people who had recently lost their homes. Those who are staying in supportive houses are not included in the PIT count. The Bloomberg CityLab says that this population had been added up to 503,473 in 2017. Therefore, the count of people who doesn’t have homes had increased more than 1M people.

The PIT count is taken in the month of January and due to the cold weather in the month people somehow find some shelter, so the results in the count are suppressed. Also, it doesn’t count the people who are on the threat of losing their homes and the ones who are staying in maybe friends or relatives’ houses.

#3. Here’s what other people had said about this.

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