Almost every one of us has been to school, whether we like it or not. Have you ever wondered if school authorities could at least make it a pleasant place to be? Most public schools are formulaic, functional places that hardly make students want to be there, let alone inspire creativity and the joy of learning. Not only are students and teachers dealing with boring, dilapidated buildings and classrooms, but many also have to live with shortages of basic materials too, prompting teachers to leave the profession en masse. So much for caring about the next generation.

We have collected a list of examples of school designers either taking shortcuts, not caring or needing to go back to school themselves. From thoughtless toilet placements to hilariously offensive murals, these students can at least have a wry chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all.

Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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#1 New Statue At A Catholic School

#2 German School

#3 This School Bus Ad

#4 It’s Even More Fascinating When This Shit Happens In A Design School

#5 Hangers At School…

#6 “A Man Plowing A Field” On A Local School Building

#7 Interesting Take For A School Quote

#8 Being Helpful For The Blind

#9 The Way My School Installed The New Projector

#10 The Absolute Crap Design Of My School. This Is The Place Where Every Hallway Intersects

#11 This School Just Renovated The Toilets At Their Gym

#12 The Pie Graph In My School’s Newspaper

#13 High School Gym In Pontiac, Mi. There Are No Words…

#14 This Machine At My School Sound Painful

#15 My Schools Attempt At Being Multicultural

#16 My School Has This Mini Park Inside It But No One Can Get Inside

#17 Our School Has Fantastic Fans

#18 Seen At My School

#19 My School Locker Can’t Even Fit My Backpack Because Of Those Shelves

#20 Front Door Of A Middle School

#21 Stalls In School’s Bathroom

#22 This Wrestling Painting At A High School

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