When the term “vandalism” is uttered, most people conjure images of illegal activities involving intentional harm to public or private property. However, not all actions are deemed wrongful if someone utilizes their creative prowess and sense of humor to bring about an artistic transformation to an otherwise dull space.
Take graffiti, for example. It is often frowned upon in many urban areas. Yet, it cannot be denied that these street art pieces have the power to captivate our attention. In fact, they are more fascinating than irritating.

We have compiled a list of amusing pranks that fall under the category of vandalism. Some of them are so cleverly executed that we can overlook the fact that they may be breaching some rules. If these street artists enhance our surroundings’ beauty with their harmless acts, why not give them a chance to do so?

#1. That’s So Cool

source: Oakoak

#2. Whoever Did This Deserves A F***ing Beer

source: GallowBoob

#3. Clever Street Art

source: secretlakr

#4. Advertisement Hacker Don’t Like Apple

source: imgur.com

#5. Drop-In

source: ColourScientist

#6. UFO Attack

source: johnlemonson

#7. No Pie?

no smoke
source: johnlemonson

#8. 1 Out Of Every 3 Snakes

source: sooo_many

#9. Please Do Not Touch

source: johnlemonson

#10. Subtle Yoyo Vandalism

source: GallowBoob

#11. Looks Heavy

source: Calcd_Uncertainty

#12. Sculpture Hack

source: SirJukesALot

#13. To Whoever Put This On The Men’s Bathroom Light. You’re A Genius, Sir!

source: Leafy_Seadrago

#14. Canadian Vandalism

source: buttonose

#15. Calvin & Hobbes

source: johnlemonson

#16. Mini Kong

source: SmileyFace-_-

#17. Whoever Did This… Too Funny

source: gotemyey

#18. Aren’t We All?

source: _D4Z3_

#19. No Bills

source: ZadocPaet

#20. A Few Nice Ones

source: Bierrr

#21. What A Great Life Hack

source: Bierrr

#22. Found This In My Italy Trip Archive, I Think It Belongs Here

source: kewko

#23. I Don’t Always Laugh At Vandalism, But When I Do…

source: StupidNewGuy
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