Our family is where we experience our greatest triumphs and our deepest vulnerabilities. The family is the place where we receive the greatest potential to do good. The family is where we share our warmest memories which would last throughout the lifetime.

Here are some photos which show that family is the place that we share our most exciting moments.

1. This new father welcomes his newborn

© WooooaaaaMaaaaannnnn / imgur

2. My 103-year-old grandpa with my 3-year-old daughter

grand father
© Howells2202 / Reddit

3. The true definition of family

© myfoxyfamily.com

4. These brothers returned home from halfway around the world and noticed both wearing similar outfits

twin brothers
© youFlog / imgur

5. My mother who defeated cancer like a boss

© perfectdrivermusic / reddit

6. Posted on granny’s request so that everyone in Italy can see how big her tomatoes have gotten

old lady
© 3than6 / reddit

7. Like father, like son

Thor and sun
© CaptCash / imgur

8. Early Christmas present for the cutie

Christmas present
© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

9. My grandmother who survived the Holocaust and lost her family turned 100 years today. A true living legend

happy birthday grandma
© Lansman 27 / reddit

10. My amazing mother’s first-hand experience with filters

© Shmorgg / imgur

11. This wonderful girl received her first distinction school certificate. Just look at the pride and happiness in her mother’s face

proud mother
© gabrieln_j 22 / reddit

12. My dad being the Santa of our local store

© MichaelDerp / reddit

13. She cooked alone all day, non-stop. Thanks, mom

sleepy mom
© Jicaar / reddit

14. 5 Generations in a single photograph

5 generations in one picture
© hootersbutwithcats / reddit

15. This mom has not seen her some in quite a long time, so the son decided to surprise her

surprise mom
© etymologynerd / reddit

16. I met my 8 year old son for the first time after my ex-wife took him away 5 years ago. I drove 1,200 miles to see him for Thanksgiving and made this. He said it’s not bad for my first time.

Thanksgiving food
© unknownauthor / imgur

17. My grandmother is 93 and has a problem with her memory. Still, she can roll her ravioli dough like an expert

grand mother
© HoneyNutz / reddit

18. My first ever attempt of making a flower bouquet for my mother on mother’s day. I am a construction worker

© hotflipflop / reddit

19. We got on a plane 14 months before, to adopt this sweetie. Today we are going to get his sister too

black baby
© manlikeelijah / reddit

20. My daughters first experience with the Christmas lights. I have never seen anyone gets so excited, ever

Christmas lights and a baby
© maceymcr95 / reddit

22. My dad with his first grandson in his arms

My dad holding his first grandson
© ohbear64 / reddit

23. I named my child after my grandfather

kid and grandfather

© BippityBoppityBoomshakalaka / imgur

24. Tim Duncan and his daughter

Tim Duncan and his daughter
© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur

Which one out of the above pictures touched your heart the most? Do you think it is vital to have a warm and firm family relationship?

Tell your views in the comments section.

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