Animals get excited when something new and different happens to them. Whether it’s a bath, a day out, or playing in the snow for the first time, these novel experiences bring out the most joyful and hilarious reactions. Their expressive faces can sometimes capture emotions even better than humans!

We’ve compiled a list of 25 adorable animals reacting to new experiences in the most delightful ways. These funny and heartwarming moments are guaranteed to make you laugh and brighten your day. Scroll down to see these lovable creatures’ priceless reactions!

1. “When Kiwi is enjoying the outside world”

ginger cat
© simpleminded / imgur

2. “Mimi tried a lime for the face time and look at his sour face”

© jflo8190 / imgur

3. “Oh Lord, where the hell am I ?”

© IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant / imgur

4. “When sisters meeting for the first time after their adoption and separation”.

Labrador puppy
© unknown / imgur

5. “I Took them outside today after 3 weeks because I was rehabbing them and this was the response I got.”

© unknown / imgur

6. “It is his first time seeing me in the bathtub, he was bit worried and thought of calling him back up”.

cat and dog
© DontWorryImMedicated / imgur

7. “Oh no, he doesn’t like the winter at all”

black cat
© Medicina / reddit

8. “Snow is successful than I thought”

dog on snow
© savagepirate / reddit

9. “He always likes to stay at the fridge, but he couldn’t make it in his entire life, and this is his first time”

cat in fridge
© xKinkajou / imgur

10. “When my 7-week old puppy see his face for the first time”

puppy in mirror
© ack18chs / imgur

11. “She is surprised with her first gift on Christmas”

cat and Christmas toy
© mwpfinance / reddit

12. “Aww! The little guy is in his first bath”

puppy in bathtub
© JollyTom / Reddit

13. “I kicked over my cat’s milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”

sleepy cat
© Matind / reddit

14. “His Cadet life and it is his first day”

k-9 puppy
© duglasfresh / reddit

15. “When he is confused with the new climate”

funny cat
© JayOtt / imgur

16. “He likes and Addicted to Peanut butter”

funny dog
© FaceOff5 / Reddit

17.“I make known to my cat to my newborn daughter.”

scary cat
© Local306 / imgur

18. “He is always Happy kiddo”

black dog
© MarionMichele / imgur

19. “OMG He hates rain”

cat in rain
© unknown / imgur

20. “My lab brat encountered the vacuum for the first time.”

pillow dog
© Thirdandary_Account / reddit

21. “Ceiling fan move for the first time and their reaction”

two cats on chair
© artschoolkiddropout / reddit

22. “It must be very cold, let us taste and see”

black puppy on snow
© Slayer128 / reddit

23. “First time with Snow”

cat on snow
© dax268 / reddit

24. “It is Florida and his first time in the beach”

dog on beach
© Sydneydanielle23 / reddit

25. “My new niece and my sister’s pooch seeing for the first time.”

baby and dog
© buckguy2015 / reddit
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