Animals get excited when something happens to them differently. Especially, when they have a different routine in their lives. As an example, it could be something like a bath, a day outing and playing with snow, such events in their lives make them cheerful and those are the unforgettable moments. As a result of such an event, their happy faces turn to be something hilarious, even humans cannot beat those face movements.

This is a list of 25 loveable animals responding to things that were different to them, and it will make you laugh.

1. “When Kiwi is enjoying the outside world”

ginger cat
© simpleminded / imgur

2. “Mimi tried a lime for the face time and look at his sour face”

© jflo8190 / imgur

3. “Oh Lord, where the hell am I ?”

© IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant / imgur

4. “When sisters meeting for the first time after their adoption and separation”.

Labrador puppy
© unknown / imgur

5. “I Took them outside today after 3 weeks because I was rehabbing them and this was the response I got.”

© unknown / imgur

6. “It is his first time seeing me in the bathtub, he was bit worried and thought of calling him back up”.

cat and dog
© DontWorryImMedicated / imgur

7. “Oh no, he doesn’t like the winter at all”

black cat
© Medicina / reddit

8. “Snow is successful than I thought”

dog on snow
© savagepirate / reddit

9. “He always likes to stay at the fridge, but he couldn’t make it in his entire life, and this is his first time”

cat in fridge
© xKinkajou / imgur

10. “When my 7-week old puppy see his face for the first time”

puppy in mirror
© ack18chs / imgur

11. “She is surprised with her first gift on Christmas”

cat and Christmas toy
© mwpfinance / reddit

12. “Aww! The little guy is in his first bath”

puppy in bathtub
© JollyTom / Reddit

13. “I kicked over my cat’s milk and had no replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”

sleepy cat
© Matind / reddit

14. “His Cadet life and it is his first day”

k-9 puppy
© duglasfresh / reddit

15. “When he is confused with the new climate”

funny cat
© JayOtt / imgur

16. “He likes and Addicted to Peanut butter”

funny dog
© FaceOff5 / Reddit

17.“I make known to my cat to my newborn daughter.”

scary cat
© Local306 / imgur

18. “He is always Happy kiddo”

black dog
© MarionMichele / imgur

19. “OMG He hates rain”

cat in rain
© unknown / imgur

20. “My lab brat encountered the vacuum for the first time.”

pillow dog
© Thirdandary_Account / reddit

21. “Ceiling fan move for the first time and their reaction”

two cats on chair
© artschoolkiddropout / reddit

22. “It must be very cold, let us taste and see”

black puppy on snow
© Slayer128 / reddit

23. “First time with Snow”

cat on snow
© dax268 / reddit

24. “It is Florida and his first time in the beach”

dog on beach
© Sydneydanielle23 / reddit

25. “My new niece and my sister’s pooch seeing for the first time.”

baby and dog
© buckguy2015 / reddit
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