Sometimes people say that dogs love us unconditionally, so such people think that dogs continue to seek human company, care, and warmth, even after being hit, beaten, neglected, and harmed by us.

It doesn’t mean that dogs love everyone unconditionally, but they have the strength to forgive, forget and love us again even after having a tough time with us.

Every person feels the pain and sadness. so why not dogs, Dogs have the ability to bounce back if we provide them the chance and help them to do so.

Dogs also can understand when their human owners return home from a long absence. They are reacting by crying, fainting, and even seeming to laugh.

“There’s no doubt that dogs have very specific memories. They recognize individuals. There’s a lot wrapped up in that relationship of care, love, and affection. If a dog’s caretaker leaves for a long period of time, it will likely go through a grieving period. It’s a loss—an unpredictable loss—because the person can’t say, ‘I will be back in two weeks.”
– Marc Bekoff, co-founder of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Check below to see some unbelievable dogs who go above and beyond showing their affection and devoutness to their humans.

1. Meet Tony; he refused to leave his human’s side after the man was injured. He fell while pruning the tree next to his house.

dog stays with its owner
© KoreanAmericanGunslinger/imgur

2. Dogs always seem to know on their own when the baby is sick.

dog and baby
© u/L337v1n337/reddit

3. My dogs always stay by my mom’s side when she feels bad.

sleeping dogs
© u/theredviolist09/reddit

4. A little dog waiting for his human to return from work

sitting dog
© u/Nepkal/reddit

5. When your tiny human is finally at home:

black dog
© thund3rbolt/imgur

6. It’s so important to have someone to bring you some water when you’re sick.

dog with a bottle
© u/Wesley_Morton/reddit

7. Chillin’ with my bro

dog and baby
© u/WhenInDoubtGoWithCC/reddit

8. When you feel bad, and the ambulance crew is already there:

black dog and black cat
© u/fessapuella/reddit

9. The best nurse ever!

dog covering a baby
© u/KevlarYarmulke/reddit

10. When she is totally in love with her new brother:

cute dog with a cute baby
© u/nerdgirlinatrailer/reddit

11. This is the way my dog says goodbye…

girl hugging dog
© u/Louvin/reddit

12. And this is the way my dog greets!

dog barking at door
© u/1leimaJ/reddit

13. My baby is so lucky to have the best crawling trainer!

little baby palaying with a dog
© CurtisHenderson/youtube

14. And now my wife’s broken leg is protected enough.

mad dog
© u/Rudyjax/reddit

15. Eddie is a therapy dog. He never parts with a bag of toys and rarely leaves the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

dog grabbing a bag
© u/StuffyUnicorn/reddit

16. When you are three days old and already have a friend:

cute dog with cute baby
© u/ZeroTwitch/reddit/cite>

17. Meet Duncan. He is a diabetic alert dog. When he senses low blood sugar levels, he brings his owner a juice box.

Golden Retriever
© u/FartyBanana/reddit

18. “I’m absolutely sure my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

girl with a dog
© okayyymovingon/imgur

19. “I’m terrified, but I will defend the tiny human anyhow.”

funny dog
© undercovergiraffe/imgur

20. “My daddy has been in the hospital for a week. Today is his birthday, and the only thing he wanted was to see our dog.”

dog with his sick owner
© Unknown/imgur

21. A giant schnauzer is literally protecting my daughter from the waves.

dog rescue a child
© JacqueLangston/youtube

22. “The best moment of my day is returning home to a good hug.”

guy hugging his dog
© u/ShinyDisc0Balls/reddit

23. “Our dog fell into an icy pond yesterday. My wife jumped in and saved him. This is how they slept last night.”

sleeping dog
© u/Anastik/reddit

24. Personal baby fitness trainer

jumping dog and a baby
© SabrinaSauve/youtube

25. “My dog is trained to respond to anxiety. When he feels your sadness, he makes you hold his paw.”

dog and owner holding hands
© u/IrrelevantPancake/reddit
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