Let’s give massive applause to all parents who have dedicated 18 years or more to professionally taming little daredevils. Sometimes not one, but several, or even more. Moms, dads, and caregivers are often exhausted and have little fuel left. Yet, their resilience, straight faces, and smiles amaze us all.

Raising children isn’t for the faint-hearted. We have compiled a list of posts from kids who made parents’ lives miserable to remind us.

You won’t feel so bad about your coffee stain or lost keys, or the important email you sent to the wrong address.

#1 Just Brilliant


#2: This Is Precisely Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Go In The Bathroom Together With You


#3 It Wasn’t Even Double Stuffed


We reached Natalie Maximets to learn more about parenting in these uncertain times. She is a certified coach for life transformation at Online Divorce, which offers professional document preparation services with 20 years of market history.

“The pandemic has shocked every family that has a child. Our homes and apartments are more than just places we live in. Natalie explained that this space currently serves many purposes, including an office, school, or place to hold activities.

She believes that the situation is dual. “One, parents can spend more time with their children because they are always there for them. However, not everyone can endure such a test because there isn’t enough space to channel one’s emotions and energy outward.

#4 Little Mischief


#5 Golden Advice For Parents


#6 Children, Sharpies, And A Dalmatian Make For Exciting Times


Even more challenging is balancing multiple roles during pandemics and post-pandemic. They must act as teachers in homeschooling. Not all parents can easily explain complex subjects to their children. Natalie said that it is more challenging to balance this extra role.

“Second, parents may have behavioral problems with their children. Children can become aggressive, irritable, or aggressive due to a lack of interaction with others, an inability to play with their parents, and limited activities.

#7 It’s Incredible How Unhelpful Children Can Be Despite Trying So Hard To Help Others


#8 Kid Purchases Farts From Amazon


#9 This Kid At Lowes


Third, working parents may find it challenging to manage their children’s daily lives. Schools, kindergartens, and hobby groups are all vital. They provide structure and meaning to children’s lives. Parents must now consider keeping their children occupied by these new realities.

#10 Wife’s Friend Convinced That There Was A Ghost Baby In Her Daughter’s Crib It Turns Out That Dad Forgot To Remove The Mattress Sticker


#11 Could’ve Leaked These Spicy Brian Nudes


#12 Children Are Having Fun With Friends, So A Neighbor Reported To HOA That They Must Be Running A Childcare


Natalie also explained that people are more likely to get along during quarantine. Two scenarios could occur: 1. Personal boundaries become blurred. “Scenario one: Parents and children work against each other, leading to conflicts. They can form a deeper bond with one another in scenario 2. You must not let the child go with their fears in the second scenario.

#13 She Thought That This Was “White Water.”


#14 Honey, I Cheated On You


#15 My Son Said He Was Hot And Wanted Ice Cream. This Is Not What I Expected


Natalie advises parents who feel overwhelmed by trying to manage all of these responsibilities. Young parents can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility they have to take on. The child does not need an ideal mom or dad. Because their parents’ psychological health directly impacts the children, they need emotionally healthy parents.

She said, “So if you feel stretched beyond your limits, stop and exhale. Then, deal with what you can. This will help you feel capable. Next, break down more significant problems into smaller ones. It will be evident that almost all situations can be solved.

#16 A Little Creepy


#17 How?


#18 This Mom Who… Well, I Don’t Need To Do Any Explaining Here:


However, there seem to be too many parenting styles. Natalie said that this topic is often controversial, and many parents have strong opinions on raising their children. “But the goal remains the same at the end of the day: to raise happy, healthy, and prosperous children. It is the focus of all parenting styles and methods.

#19 What My Aunt Discovered When She Poured Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks


#20 Mom, It Wasn’t Me


#21 If It Fits, It Goes In The Drain


The life coach says choosing the right one for your child is essential. For example, the Montessori method might not be suitable for an active child. Waldorf education might not be ideal for children who are strong leaders and have a high need for exercise. Technique by Cecil Lupan calls for the mother to spend most of her time with her baby exercising.

#22 A Friggin Gecko Was Hidden In My Son’s Toy Spider


#23 A Kid Shows His Little Brother That He Accidentally Stolen A SIM Key the Day Before


#24 Unperturbed by What They Did To Theirself With The Clippers At 5:30 AM


Natalie said that there is no one way to know what is best for your child. She also suggested some things you might want to consider. First, analyze your child’s personality. Second, consider the level of creativity, physical activity, and socialization required. The second is to think about the four main parenting styles (authoritarian. authoritative. permissive. uninvolved). This will help you predict how your child will react to each one. Maybe you cannot choose just one style in your situation. Consider how you might mix them or create your own.

Natalie said that you, as a parent, can consult a psychologist to talk with your child and determine strengths and interests. They will also suggest possible solutions.

#25 A Portrait of George Washington was a Nephew’s Request. Thank Goodness He Didn’t Want A Portrait Of Ben Franklin

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