After all the stress of work and life, what could be more relaxing than a vacation? We all love going on vacation. It doesn’t matter how short or long the holiday is. It makes us feel refreshed and ready to return to our everyday lives. Vacations can be when the cameras are more frequently used, and they sometimes capture unforgettable moments.

These 25 hilarious photos show that not everything goes according to plan. The moment the camera captured these photos was not their fault, no matter how prepared they were. These photos made them look like sunburned crabs and potato heads or were photobombed by the weather.

Scroll down to see the photo and have fun. You can share your funny vacation memories in the comments section.

1. Wait A Second…

Source: I_RPE_CATS

2. Clumsy Parents

Source: mainstreetsteve

3. Ouch

Source: Unknown

4. “First Time My Mom Came To Paris”

Source: OstidTabarnak

5. “You Don’t Have To Outrun The Bear, Just Your Brother”

Source: moot88

6. “This Photo My Dad Took Of Me At Machu Picchu”

Source: Mr_Tom_Yabo

7. “Wife And I Visited The Eiffel Tower For Our Honeymoon”

Source: theadum

8. “Jack, I’m–Ow!”

Source: Peake37902

9. Beach Fun

Source: makla-fotos

10. “Thanks Tour Guide For Taking Such A Great Photo Of Everyone”

Source: finnicko

11. Let’s Fly!

Source: HarryBhalbag

12. “I Went Canoeing For The First Time…”

Source: rnagikarp

13. Bad Puppy!

Source: makla-fotos

14. Visited The Grand Canyon. Pictures Don’t Do It Justice

Source: unknown

15. Photobomb Justice

Source: cheekytlacuache

16. Go To The Taj Mahal At Sunrise, It’ll Be Beautiful – They Said

Source: the_breadlord

17. Went On A Hike Today Which Promised Stunning Views. My Pic On The Bottom

Source: Unknown

18. Married Man Enjoying The Holiday On The Beach With His Family:

Source: mohamedirrfan

19. Front Row Seats To The Show:

Source: kemiro

20. Beach Launch Went Wrong

Source: keechfacejesus

21. First Time Using A Spray-on Sunscreen

Source: Unknown

22. Group Hug!

Source: CapitalScotland

23. “Trying To Explain To The 70-year-old Swiss Man Who Offered To Take Our Pic That His Finger Was Covering The Lens”

Source: Inesmu

24. “I Traveled From Uk All The Way To Germany To Take Photos Of The Devil’s Eye.. But When I Got There…”

Source: AlleDs

25. They Said “Get On The Ride They Said, It’ll Be Fun”

Source: rephan
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