Sometimes imperfection may look kind of charming. It may be because it is a rare thing to see. We see imperfection in living and also in creations.

Some parents nowadays want to see perfection in their children. But you do not have to be perfect in everything. Everyone is perfect in some areas. Some of these imperfections melt our hearts away.

Sometimes living beings such as animals will be rejected from society. No one will come forward to adopt and take care of them. Society always looks for standards and perfection in everything.

But there are people who came forward and adopted these animals as they saw something uncommon in these creatures. These people have not followed society and have created their own path. They just listened to their hearts. These pet parents will give these pets the most important thing in this world, the thing called love.

These special pet parents have come forward to help these animals and started campaigns to spread the word of awareness. Some of these pets have become internet celebrities. They have found the life they ever imagined and teaches us the fundamentals in life, the most important thing that we are all equal, which is the society is lacking these days. These pictures are undoubtedly cute.

1) Mushy & Squishy little ball of fur…


2) Born with no legs, but still stands up tall

german shepherd
© unknown / imgur

3) Don’t be scared, I am an innocent little one

dogs with an overbite
© unknown / imgur

4) 2 faced but incredibly charming

two face cat

5) I got my eyes on you. You are everything that I see

pirate cat
© kellykat89 / imgur

6) Have you seen an alien? No, not in here

big eyes cat
© u/megalrou / reddit

7) Shhh…!!! If not gonna hypnotize you

try color cat
© u/lovemybudz / reddit

8) The latest music revolution. David Meowie!!!

David Meowie
©u/SupremeCommunistCat / reddit

9) Cat Dracula “One again…. welcome to my house….”

Cat Dracula
© u/astro-bandit / reddit

10) Ladies and gentlemen, please meet our one and only Vincent (van Gogh)

earless cat
© u/I_speak_Australian / reddit

11) Want to see you happy and your smile everyday

smiling dog
© unknown / reddit

12) He might be the saddest cat on Internet

sad cat
© bekk1b00 / imgur

13) Pirates of the Caribbean, the latest release

cat and lights
© u/mofo69420 / reddit

14) Meet the newest member in our family! Maxwell the derpy cat

cute white cat
© unknown / imgur

15) I drove 3 hours to get this fellow from the rescue

overbite dog
© u/Snipsthetips / reddit

16) This cat’s crooked jaw simply made a beautiful smile which we can’t resist

cat with cone
© unknown / imgur

17) This tiny weirdo was adopted from the shelter. We think that he is a dog

black dog
© u/fancy_terrible / reddit

18) My yellow lab was born with a crooked face. Seeing it when I feel upset makes my day 100x better

Labrador Retriever
© unknown / reddit

19) The breeders said she is “imperfect” because of her tongue. Now every time someone says she is “imperfect” she puts her tongue out

german shepherd
© u/thespicyasparagus / reddit

20) Worship your new cat overload, Atchoun will stare into your soul

furious cat
© Cdprojects / imgur

21) Previously I thought I was a kangaroo. But not for long as I heard someone called me “cat”

sitting cat

22) Although this guy born without eyelids, but it melted our hearts with it’s smile

smiling cat
© unknown / reddit

23) That look, saying that he wants to share my lunch (and dinner) with him

crossed eyed cat
© u/someshooter / reddit

24) Nope. It was not me who ate all the food on the table

cute kitty

25) Give a round of applause to Scuba!

© u/sammixxlove / reddit

26) Just another manic Monday…!!!

black cat

What is your most adorable pick? Share a comment with us on the below comments section.

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