Do you want to know the secret to become a successful creator? Is it about developing your artistic mastery, generating more ideas, or having a great social media presence? Well, why don’t you try them all? Need some inspiration? Take a look at Natalia Trykowska, aka Verauko. This Polish graphic designer and digital artist has made a name for herself in London, UK, and has amassed a whopping 48,000 followers on Instagram.

When asked about her creative process, Verauko said, “I try to vary the themes as much as possible, the first thing that comes to mind is illustrated.” And boy, does she have a diverse range of topics, from real-life situations to random imaginary siren issues. The only topic she avoids is politics because, in her words, “I much prefer to draw things that bring people together rather than divide them.”

Graphic design and digital drawing are Natalia’s forte, thanks to her work experience in advertising and her childhood passion. But don’t think that coming up with ideas is a walk in the park for her. She admitted that it’s the most difficult part of the creative process. “When I have to come up with a story, my mind often goes blank,” she said. That’s why most of her comics are inspired by everyday problems like naked butts on the streets or fits of nervous laughter in coffee shops.

Despite the creative roadblocks, Verauko’s talent and hard work have paid off. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and her portfolio speaks for itself. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to admire her artwork, scroll down to see her comics and vote for your favorite pieces.



































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