Here are some of the most amazing photos which were award winners at the World Nature Photography Awards for the year 2020.

This was organized to portray that Nature and the Photographers still celebrate life and the wonders of the Earth. This was a good opportunity for the photographers to set foot into the wilderness after a period of lockdowns since the pandemic took the world by storm. Thomas Vijayan emerged as the Winner for the year 2020 of this competition for his picture “The World Is Going Upside Down.”

More info & Photo Courtesy:

#1 Grand Prize Winner: Thomas Vijayan. Animals In Their Habitat – Gold.

He placed himself on a tree with water underneath so he could capture the perfect picture he always had in his mind.

#2 Lisa Roeder. Behaviour (Birds) – Bronze.

#3 Dale Paul. Behaviour (Birds) – Gold.

#4 Nick Dale. Animal Portraits – Gold.

#5 Naomi Rose. People And Nature – Silver.

#6 Vladmir Cech. Animals In Their Habitat – Silver.

#7 Andy Pollard. Behaviour (Birds) – Silver.

#8 Lawrence Worcester. Urban Wildlife – Gold.

#9 Femke Van Willigen. Animal Portraits – Bronze.

#10 Joseph Shaffery. Animal Portraits – Silver.

#11 Dipanjan Pal. Nature Art – Gold.

#12 Darren Donovan. Behaviour (Mammals) – Silver.

#13 Jocelyn Chng. Urban Wildlife – Silver.

#14 Vittorio Ricci. Behaviour (Amphibians & Reptiles) – Gold.

#15 Doron Talmi. Plants And Fungi – Gold.

#16 Harry Skeggs. Black And White – Gold.

#17 Christa Funk. People And Nature – Gold.

#18 Patrick Nowotny. Behaviour (Mammals) – Gold.

#19 Heiko Mennigen. Black And White – Bronze.

#20 Naabarun Majumdar. Behaviour (Mammals) – Bronze.

#21 Mustafa Demirors. Earth’s Landscapes And Environments – Silver.

#22 Shawna Hinkel. Earth’s Landscapes And Environments – Bronze.

#23 Adriana Rivas. Urban Wildlife – Bronze.

#24 Arlette Magiera. Animals In Their Habitat – Bronze.

#25 Melissa Robertson. Behaviour (invertebrates) – Silver.

#26 Mr. Endy. Behaviour (Amphibians And Reptiles) – Bronze.

#27 Dr. Tze Siong Tan. Behaviour (invertebrates) – Gold.

#28 Mark Mcinnis. People And Nature – Bronze.

#29 Susanna Patras. Plants And Fungi – Bronze.

#30 Janus Olajuan Boediman. Behaviour (Invertebrates) – Bronze.
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