Having a new baby is an incredible experience, there is nothing quite like creating a life and then nurturing it to bring it into the world.

For many new mums, the first baby is the hardest. It creates the biggest life shift with endless feeding, diaper changing requirements, and your body never quite feels the same again, but the happiness a baby can bring is worth it.

Time Pressure

When it comes to gifts, baby-paraphernalia is all well and good, but what happens when you want to support a new mom and let her know that you are thinking of HER and not just her baby?

Most moms will feel utterly exhausted for the first few months as well as touched-out from all the hugs and baby holding.

To help them feel themselves again and know you are thinking of them, here are 4 gifts you can give to a new mom that have nothing to do with the baby!

Thoughtful Gifts For New Moms

A Perfume Subscription

New moms are not going to the store every few weeks to replace their favorite perfume, neither are they going to spend time sniffing to find one she likes with a screaming baby in a stroller.

Gifting new moms a scent subscription is a truly thoughtful gift. Mom will receive a new perfume every month, either the one she likes and reorders or a brand new sample bottle. This will help to make her feel a little better about herself and appearance with very little effort needed.

A Fitness Tracker

Ok, so maybe not every mom is desperate to get back to the gym and get that baby belly gone, but if the mom you are shopping for is a bit of a gym bunny, this will help her keep track of her health stats throughout the day.

The Mi Band 6 is not out yet, but if leaks are to be believed, it will boast even an oxygen monitor! Just be careful an overly-tired mom does not take this as an insult!

Thoughtful Gifts For New Moms

A Spa In A Box

A spa in a box can be pre-bought or it can be completely homemade with her favorites, but it is a great idea to give to new moms.

They have spent nine months growing this baby; it can be safely assumed that after nine months, mom wants a bit of a rest and some relaxation on her own for a few hours!

A Groceries Gift Card

Many women find maternity pay hard because there are not a lot of perks and benefits financially when having children.

This is why a groceries gift voucher would probably be a lovely gift, and probably very welcome after what can so often feel a bit like an uphill struggle.

As a side note, it is always better to give new moms a gift voucher rather than a time-limited offer or any other type of flash advertising, this means that they can use the voucher at their convenience. If you are not into vouchers – why not have a fruit basket delivered. Most new moms are dehydrated until they get into the routine of looking after a baby and want plenty of snacks – having a basket of fruit handy is the ideal solution.

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