Workplace safety is paramount when you are running a business. Accidents are not only emotionally and physically scarring, but they can also affect productivity and profits. Many workplace deaths and injuries could have been avoided by using technology that shuts down machinery as soon as it detects the presence of anyone traversing into an unsafe zone. Products like the light curtain. Let’s look at what a light curtain is and 4 instances where they can save your employees and productivity.

safety light curtains

Light curtains

Using technology developed in the 1950s, light curtains protect workers from being injured by moving machinery. They are optoelectronic devices that are also known as ‘safety light barriers’ and ‘safety light screens’. Infrared beams are projected from the transmitter to the receiver. When they detect something breaking the beam, they shut the machine down within a fraction of a second. They come in a variety of sizes from the larger perimeter control curtains to the smaller, or medium-sized, point of operation light curtains.

Perimeter control

This is where we look at our first two instances where you should use a light curtain to ensure your workers’ safety.

  1. Close off the entire warehouse – perhaps your business utilizes an automated warehouse. There are many moving parts and is too dangerous to run when workers are inside the warehouse. A light curtain can be installed at all the warehouse entrances and as soon as someone enters, the automated system is shut down. To start the machinery again it would have to be reset from outside the warehouse, from a safe zone.
  2. Protect danger zones – maybe, instead of the entire shed being dangerous it is a section that is hazardous. In this case, you will need light curtains to be the safety barrier between the danger zone and your employees.

Point of operation

Unlike the perimeter control, the point of operation light curtain is placed across areas of moving parts. Such as with our final 2 times you’ll need light curtains.

  1. Operator protection – whether it is power presses, packaging machines, or process machinery they can do a lot of damage if workers get any of their bodies in the way. A point of operation light curtain will shut the machine down before your employee gets hurt.
  2. Maintenance – while your maintenance workers are blocking the infrared lights from being picked up by the curtain’s receiver, the machinery cannot be started.

If the machinery you use doesn’t shut down immediately but continues its run before stopping, then a light curtain will not prevent injuries.

Quality products

There are many light curtain manufacturers, and they are not all the same. So, make sure you get your light curtains from a reputable dealer.

Light Curtain

Protect your employees and your business by installing light screens. Your workers will feel safer, production may increase, and downtime will decrease making everyone happy and at ease.

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