Contact lenses are an excellent option for people who want to see clearly but don’t like the hassle of wearing eyeglasses. You can also use contacts to highlight or change the color of your eyes, or even add a theatrical effect. Just make sure you purchase your cosmetic contacts from a legitimate seller that requires a prescription from an eye doctor.

Once you have that, you can have fun looking for awesome contact lens designs. Here are five of the best ones:  

  1. Flower Inspired Contacts

Flower-inspired contact lens designs are the latest trend in colored lenses. They are perfect for the individual who prefers to mix things up aesthetically. These lenses take their inspiration from nature, with the outer ring designed to look like the petals of beloved blooms, like roses, Sakura, sunflowers, and daisies. 

This style is gaining ground in Asia, especially Japan and South Korea. Pink colored lenses with lily, cherry blossom, and rose gold designs are currently in-demand. These lenses are reportedly designed to give the wearer a more feminine look.

  1. Glittery Lenses

Designers have been enamored with glitter these past few years. These sparkly, iridescent particles are being used everywhere – from the makeup used by models in Fashion Week, to edibles, and interior decorations. It’s not surprising that glitter-infused contact lenses will also be in every fashion plate’s radar. Sparkle cosmetic lenses are said to add an extra dose of glamor to your look.

These lenses range in color from ordinary blues and browns with just a hint of glitter to contacts that shimmer in gold and silver. However, it appears that gold or silver tinted lenses and black and silver combinations are the usual choices.

  1. Glow in the Dark Lenses

Contact lenses that glow in the dark have become more prevalent in the past few years. While it’s not unusual for this type of cosmetic contacts to grow in demand during Halloween, they’ve also been making an appearance at clubs, raves, and fairy festivals. These lenses will give your outfit a “wow” factor when you go to any scene that utilizes black lights or UV lightings.

Here are some ideas on how you can use glow in the dark contacts:

  • Green to create an evil vibe. Green special effects contact lenses are an excellent addition to any wicked witch or ghoul costume. You can even channel your inner Johnny Depp and imitate his Mad Hatter’s crazy green eyes. Employees working in haunted attractions can play up the creep factor with their luminous verdant peepers.
  • Pink for an ethereal effect: Pink has always been a pretty color, but seeing it under black lights makes it more amazing. However, pink-colored lenses can also give off the effect of ethereal or alien beauty. If that’s the image that you want to project, some shops offer corrective lenses in this hue.
  • Blue for a cool vibe. Wear a blue glow in the dark contacts the next time you hit the club and amp your cool factor. The color also gives off a calming effect, which is why it’s trendy. Glowing blue eyes can also make a statement during photoshoots, fashion shows, and plays.
  1. Black and White Contacts

Blackout and whiteout contact lenses are an impressive design that never falls out of favor. All-black contact lenses are beautiful and mysterious. It can make you look intense or play up your dark nature. There are three black contact lenses to choose from:

  1. Gothic: Embrace your rock or goth sensibilities with this type of contact lenses. You can make a statement by pairing them with black hair, pale skin, or white makeup.
  2. Demonic: These all-black lenses are popular with rock stars, makeup artists, and sci-fi and horror productions. Using them will definitely boost the scare level.
  3. Possessed: You’ve seen these contacts in numerous films showcasing either otherworldly or unholy creatures. They’re great for cosplay, theater and film productions, costumes, and for hanging out in vamp clubs.

Meanwhile, white special effects contacts can be creepy and elegant. Some white contacts have a frosted look that can make you look like a zombie or someone blind from cataracts. These lenses should only be used sparingly as the frost-like design cuts down your vision to 80%. Do not use them while driving.

There are also all-white lenses that are opaque and with a thin limbal ring in black. Rock legend Marilyn Manson has popularized this special effects contacts. It has also become a go-to choice by cosplayers and those who want to look playful.

  1. Doll Eyes or Circle Lenses

Circle lenses were introduced in 2004 and have remained popular up to now. Also known as “doll eyes” and “big eye contacts,” they make eyes appear larger than they are. These lenses are popular among girls who want a wide-eyed doll-like appearance. But they’re also a favorite among women who wish for their irises to be more noticeable. Several major eyewear companies have a vast collection of circle lenses in a large variety of colors.

There have been safety and health issues about circle lenses. But they are generally safe to wear as long as you adhere to the following conditions –

  • They should be fitted or prescribed by an eye care specialist. Doll eye lenses should be treated like regular contacts. You should have an ophthalmologist or optometrist check your eyes and determine the parameters of the lenses.
  • They should be properly maintained. You should know and follow the proper way to clean, care, and store these lenses. There should be clear instructions on their use when you purchase a pair.
  • You should only buy from legitimate and reputable brands. Never buy circle lenses from an overseas company that has not been approved by the FDA. Some manufacturers that have been vetted and approved are Dueba, EOS, GEO Medical, Interojo, NEO Vision, and Royal Vision.

Contact lenses can do wonders for your eyesight and style. However, you should always be careful of any product that makes contact with your eyes. So, take the necessary precautions and follow the instructions on proper care.

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